This is mainly to the bone-headed person who insists on leaving me a spam-laced posting, as well as the future morons who think they will do so: I do not appreciate your kind of business, nor does anyone who comes to visit this site. No, your posting full of links will not be allowed; if it manages to slip by the filtration system WordPress has, and I find it, you will not like the result of what will happen. You aren’t helping me by trying to post your spam-laced message, and by me not allowing it, you’re not helping yourself much.

In short, none of my readers want to see your shit-laced, garbage-spewed, crap-ridden filth that you’re peddling on my site. If you want to advertise, you can contact me directly; if it either ties into something I have going on, or is something I’m cool with, it will be posted for you. If not – hit the road.

P.S. If it is found that you are in violation of any internet spamming laws within your area, you will be reported to the local authorities. If you violate federal laws, you will be reported to them first. If neither (which would be dissappointing 😉 ), you will still have trouble from me.