My New Year “Plan” for 2017

2016 is almost in the can – good riddance! After the negativity, deaths and idiocy of this year, 2017 can only go in one direction. While my personal life wasn’t by any stretch terrible, my problems didn’t disappeared, some came back and all put a strain on many of the relationships I have. It being New Years, there’s no reason NOT to call them resolutions; however, I consider this the first steps in a plan, in which I declare what are problems and need focus. Doing this and setting a goal point should give the first means of refocusing my negatives into something positive.

  • Stabilize my Finances

    This is pretty broad, as each aspect could cover its own resolution. However, until I can manufacture and sell stuff without assistance, I’m stuck with a need for a job. Likewise, no one’s going to want to loan or help me with money if my credit’s not up to snuff; If I were to die married to Amanda, she’d inherit ALL of those problems – not fair to her at all. (Some things you do your best to prevent when you love them…) Because the first step – finding a job – has been in progress since 1999, there is NO reason to continue with the same B.S.

  • Return to School

    My progress in my education hit a snag this summer as a result of said finances; however, the long-distance aspect of our relationship stretched me too thin to continue down the original path. Regardless of the other aspects, this has to be the first one – beyond “find a job” – that has to be resolved fast.

  • Regain my Health

    This is another broader-aspect subject, but the problems I have are no longer simply linked to my weight. I need to return to seeing doctors for my sleep, weight, and behavioral problems, especially with the move to a different area.

  • Regain my Independence

    While I appreciate the amount of help I’ve had over the years, I still feel too dependent, too connected to others – and that dependence, that constant need puts a financial and emotional strain on people while giving some the wrong idea that they can dictate how I can or will live. It’s hard to criticize, however, when you’ve seen how this can lead to separation and abandonment – my “black sheep” uncle whose behaviors and reliance on various members of the family forced his disconnect.

  • Produce Something Tangible and Productive

    I’ve been writing for a long time, trying to produce stuff (podcasts, software, etc.) for a while, and have talked of ideas for years – but I’m getting really sick of not having some of this stuff done, either because, when I do start something, something stupid, inconvenient, or in-the-way HAS TO interrupt it. Sorry, but either I have to finish something, or I have to kick the asses of those people and things that choose to force themselves in the way.

There’s more I have, and more I could add, but due to wanting to keep surprises, I’m just sharing the most important and understandable ones for now. Let’s make 2017 my year! Happy New Year!


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