Sports Picks – December 29th, 2016

Football/Sports Update – Dec. 29th, 2016

As we hit the last week of the regular season, I have gone winless this year. This week, I’m bringing in a special guest: My girlfriend Amanda, whose picks (barring nothing unusual) will be used on Sunday. In the mean time, because I enjoy making the picks, I’m offering mine for both comparison and fun – and as noted backup.

  • Night Football games

    As a test for next season, I’m extending my predictions to the 3+ major/special games per week. Due to how late in the season this is being started, I am combining the record for these games each week, for a total of 10 games.

    How I did last week:

    • Thursday: New York Giants lost to the Philadelphia Eagles
    • Saturday: Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Houston Texans
    • Sunday (first game): Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens
    • Sunday (second game): Denver Broncos lost to the Kansas City Chiefs
    • Monday: Dallas Cowboys beat the Detroit Lions

    My record this week was 2-3, making my total this season at 5-4.

    My pick this week:

    • Sunday: Green Bay Packers over the Detroit Lions: Hopefully, by the time this game starts it’s just a divisional title match, but this is easily the biggest game this week.
  • Applebee’s Football Picks:

    Each week during the season the Applebee’s where I am from has a weekly $10 gift certificate for everyone who picks 5 winning teams of that week. They can pick any team they choose, though all 5 of their picks have to win to win the certificate. My record for last week was 3 and 2 again. My season record is 0 and 16, with an overall record this season of 47-36 in 83 games.

    Last Week’s Picks:

    • Miami Dolphins beat the Buffalo Bills: (EXP)
    • San Diego Chargers lost to the Cleveland Browns: (EXP)
    • Tennessee Titans lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars
    • Atlanta Falcons beat the Carolina Panthers
    • New England Patriots beat the New York Jets

    This Week’s Picks, by special guest (and GF) Amanda:

    • Green Bay Packers over the Detroit Lions
    • Indianapolis Colts over the Jacksonville Jaguars
    • Pittsburgh Steelers over the Cleveland Browns
    • Seattle Seahawks over the San Francisco 49ers
    • Arizona Cardinals over the Los Angeles Rams

    I did, by the way, make picks – we’ll see if I share them next week…

  • Favorite Teams picks:

    Unless there’s good reason, I rarely choose my favorite teams in any of these contests – I don’t want to throw bad karma their way by picking them. (Yes, as silly as it sounds, sometimes I believe in luck!) My favorites are the Chicago Bears, a team I grew up with and enjoy watching/cussing out, and the Green Bay Packers, another team I enjoy watching and have current local ties to. (I am also an odd duck, since these are rival teams, and their fans like to razz me for it. When they play each other, Bears over the Packers.)

    To be fair, I also pay attention to the other NFC East teams, in particular the Minnesota Vikings (a rival to both of my favs, though a favorite of many of my friends – #3 in ranks of who I want to win) and the Detroit Lions (with no friend ties, this team could go 0-16 like they did a few years back and it wouldn’t bother me much – I just don’t want them to beat my teams.)

    My record last week was 1 and 2 (again) with the games above. My overall record is 9 and 8 in 17 games.

    My picks last week were:

    • My pick for the Detroit Lions was listed for Monday Night.
    • Minnesota Vikings lost to the Green Bay Packers: …and one of the few times I was glad to be wrong.
    • Chicago Bears lost to the Washington Redskins: To remember: go the opposite. (EXP)

    My picks for this week are:

    • My pick for the Green Bay Packers/Detroit Lions is listed for Sunday Night.
    • Minnesota Vikings over the Chicago Bears: This should be a no-brainer – the Vikings have nothing left to play for except pride, and the Bears need to lose to get high in the draft picks. Given their predicament, they’d be stupid to screw things up – that being said, this is the same Bears team that signed a third-rate quarterback who’s more consistent in injuries to a multi-million/multi-year deal.

Happy New Year! See you next week!


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