Christmas Wish List 2016 (a work in progress)

One thing I usually hate every year is the question “What do you want for Christmas?” I usually get asked by someone who makes me regret it by being reminded about wanting expensive stuff or being picky, not understanding why either of those are relevant. I’ve also become used to not having the job to have the money for gifts at Christmas time – something people don’t realize how depressing this is.

Having also had those “disposable” gifts – gifts that last a few years, but no real value or good memories – I try to tell people to get me something I’d remember them by. Unfortunately, that’s a concept that seems to be difficult to explain to people, so I’ve had to give up on that as well.

I tried to break this down to three categories, as well as to give a few measurements to help. In some instances I am specific as to the product – there is a specific reason and intent, therefore a substitute, even if it’s more expensive, won’t cut it. In other cases I may be looking for specific features – for example, you won’t be buying me a 3X shirt as I can’t wear it, but a 6x/7x Shirt (or a workout gift certificate) would fit the specifics I am looking for. Pay some attention to what I am looking for.

Finally, try to put some heart into it if it’s not going to fit my needs. I’d love to have stuff to remember people by, but whenever I ask for that, people look at me strangely and ask, “What do you want?” as if I’m from another planet. Many of the things I am asking for I should be able to pick up for myself when I work, and as I get older the need for possessions is less – I’m finally breaking away from when I used to horde things, and I’d like to keep it that way.

To keep up to date, check out my Christmas Wish List on Amazon –


  • Sizes: 62-64 Waist, 6x/7x Shirt, 12W shoes.
  • Needs:
    • Work Shirts/Pants – as I’m looking for more professional work I’m finding my clothing options very limited. Depending on the job I might have to look into custom tailoring, but for now I’m mainly referring to “business casual:” dress shirt and slacks, shoes that are shiny and won’t hurt to wear 8 hours at a time, etc.
    • Geek T-Shirts – anything from The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel/DC, etc. Scan Facebook if you need an idea of what I enjoy.
    • Music T-Shirts – Again, scan Facebook for what I like, but even more generic stuff (such as the microphones peace sign some of you have seen) would be cool.
    • Jeans – These are usually what I wear out of the fastest, what costs the most, and what are usually such a pain in the butt that I cycle between 3 pairs for periods of time. (I’m not embarrassed by this, but it’d be nice not to rely so much on such a small selection.)
  • What I’m good on/don’t need:
    • Underwear – even if I wasn’t, this is one area I’d rather handle myself. Think about it: The only person I’d be impressing is Amanda, and I don’t want to wear something that would scare her to death down there.
    • Socks – while more comfortable dress socks would be nice, the rest of the package is more important. These are usually reasonably cheap, making this a non-necessity.

Gift Certificates

  • Who:
    • Any food, gas or grocery in the Milwaukee area
    • date stuff (Movies, packages, etc.)
    • Amazon
    • Best Buy
    • Target
    • Newegg
    • Apple/iTunes
    • Hulu
    • Netflix
    • Steam

Cheap Gifts:

  • USB Charging Cords – Living up here has worn down the cords I had, so I’m struggling to replace a bunch. With me downsizing I only need to charge a LG G4 phone and headset, both of which use the same standard MicroUSB 2.0 plug. Don’t need adapters – very good in that area.
  • Phone Cradles – Like the charging cords, I can use a few of those. Both of us have similar style/body of phones (though she’s looking to upgrade soon – if you’re worried, double-check what she has.) I want it to be as close to safe driving level for using GPS and music applications.
  • XBox 360/One Controllers – No, I don’t have either system, but they are compatible with Windows 10 computers such as mine. Wired ones work best, though if you go XB1 you might be able to get away with a wireless controller. (It’d be really nice to play Amanda and others from many of our favorite emulated games, as well as some of the newer ones like Killer Instinct.)
  • Google Chromecast (SPECIFIC – SEE LINK) – I’m not a huge fan of streaming and external boxes attached to TV’s, which is part of the reason why I want to build a PC into an entertainment center. I am a fan of the Chromecasts, which does what I want and is simple to set up – the newer ones should be able to stream old-school games in Windows to the TV with better frame-rates than the originals, which would also make movie streaming without a browser better. I’ll keep an open mind about other screencasting options (necessary for practicing Powerpoint presentations for when I return to work/school,) but for the cost, this hits all of the right notes for me.
  • Music and Movies – I don’t like asking for this, as two problems usually happen:
    • The gift in question has to be specific to get the features I want – they’ll want to get the cheapest version possible, so I’d have to go back out and get the version I want later (defeating the purpose.)
    • The stuff I’m asking for comes from people who neither appreciate or understand the gift in question – so they may not want to get it for me.

    I understand how frustrating this is – so go to my wishlist on Amazon:

    (NOTES: 1.) When listed, get the “Extended/Deluxe” editions that contain extra audio/video. 2.) Don’t waste the money on special packaging, statues, toys, etc. – I care more about what’s on the discs, NOT stuff that can easily get lost or that really contains no value. 3.) One collection – The Complete Hayao Miyazaki Collection – is listed for reference; any of the films from that collection would be cool, but at $200, I’m not going to ask for that directly.) 4.) You read the fine print. 5.) If you need more ideas, I will be adding to this list, or you can look on my Facebook page.)

Not-So-Cheap Gifts:

  • Car Stereo – I don’t like having a ton of externals to satisfy my needs, and right now I’m using a cassette adapter plugged into a USB Bluetooth audio receiver which is plugged into one of my 3-plug USB chargers, leaving the other two plugs for charging cords. I’d like to minimize down to only the charging cords, and I don’t really need the radio. I’m looking to a bigger screen, however, for useful driving tools such as a rear-view camera or GPS.What surprises me is how much these features came down in price – these features, if they existed, once cost in the thousands of dollars; now you can look on Amazon and Newegg and find what I am looking for within the $100-$200 range. Check the examples to get a rough idea of what I want – as long as it has Bluetooth and USB built in and makes life easier to drive, THAT is what’s important.

    Examples –

  • Adobe Creative Suite subscription – this was something I usually carried on my educational discount and student loans while going to school that lapsed when I didn’t have the money to recover. A year-long subscription on student discount is $239 – expensive, until you realize you’d be paying the same for a by-the-month cost. (Don’t try to get the non-student-discount subscription unless you plan to hire me to work – at $695, it’s too unreasonable to ask anyone to cover.)
  • Podcasting equipment – I’ve been longing for a home studio to develop podcasts for a while, but between costs, time, and finding the people who’d be interested in this venture, it’s been difficult. (Still looking for that last part – and it’d only cost gas!) The big thing is the Microphone and audio software – another reason for an Apple gift card, as Garageband is reasonably cheap and doable.
  • PC Components – I enjoy piecing computers together (it’s like a useful electronic LEGO set that’s just as fun once assembled as it is to assemble.) Because of the number of project ideas, I’ll leave this open – check on Newegg for parts. (Amazon may be cheaper, but Newegg’s system is easier to find the parts.) If you have to ask: Hard drives are always welcome, I’m an AMD fan, and I could use an extra couple of copies of Windows 10.
  • Tools – One of the biggest frustrations I have is having the know-how or basic idea on how to build or fix something, but lacking the power tools needed to get things done. My truck is a great example: I finally acquired an alternator a month ago, but I don’t have the jack or safety pieces to properly install it. (For my vehicle, a 2002 Infiniti QX4, the alternator is underneath the vehicle.) I’d like to work with wood, so a powered saw and drill would be nice. I have a basic toolkit, so the easy kits probably aren’t a good idea. (That’s also why this is in the Not-So-Cheap area.)
  • Logitech Harmony 950 Universal Remote – One remote to rule all of the devices! Read the specs to understand.


Finally, if none of these please you or answer your question, or if you just feel like doing some good in the world, I’m an advocate for free speech, education, technological advancement, and homelessness – so if there’s a good charity you like that fits one of these, feel free to donate in my name.

Merry Christmas!

If you STILL don’t have any idea on what to get me or need more clarity, feel free to email/message me online.


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