Weekday Update – November 22nd, 2016

Good day! Given the fact that I have to spend a fair amount of time hunting for work, trying to manage everything, and catching up with stuff, some changes are coming this week. I’m currently working on a name and organizing this, so if it’s a little unorganized this week, I apologize. (It’s a work in progress…)

Anyway, onto today’s musings…

Weekday Update

  • TV Updates:

    This section is moving to Fridays, both to allow some time for some of the shows to be caught up by others who may time-shift/watch their shows later. It also allows me to catch up on my own schedule – and to keep the weekends focused on a more positive direction.

  • Football/Sports Update (Tuesday/Friday):

    • Applebee’s Football Picks:

      Each week during the season the Applebee’s where I am from has a weekly $10 gift certificate for everyone who picks 5 winning teams of that week. They can pick any team they choose, though all 5 of their picks have to win to win the certificate. This week is different – with Thanksgiving games, we have a special section of picks this week.

      My record for last week was 4 and 1. My season record is 0 and 11, with an overall record this season of 31 and 24 in 55 games.

      Last Week’s Picks: Titans – L, Lions – W, Buccaneers – W, Bills – W, Cowboys – W.

      My picks for Thursday are:

      1. Minnesota Vikings over Detroit Lions
      2. Dallas Cowboys over Washington Redskins
      3. Indianapolis Colts over Pittsburgh Steelers

      My picks for Sunday are:

      1. Tennessee Titans over Chicago Bears: Chicago, Please Prove Me Wrong!
      2. Buffalo Bills over Jacksonville Jaguars
      3. Cincinnati Bengals over Baltimore Ravens
      4. Arizona Cardinals over Atlanta Falcons
      5. New York Giants over Cleveland Browns
    • Favorite Teams picks:

      Unless there’s good reason, I rarely choose my favorite teams in any of these contests – I don’t want to throw bad karma their way by picking them. (Yes, as silly as it sounds, sometimes I believe in luck!) My favorites are the Chicago Bears, a team I grew up with and enjoy watching/cussing out, and the Green Bay Packers, another team I enjoy watching and have current local ties to. (I am also an odd duck, since these are rival teams, and their fans like to razz me for it. When they play each other, Bears over the Packers.)

      To be fair, I also pay attention to the other NFC East teams, in particular the Minnesota Vikings (a rival to both of my favs, though a favorite of many of my friends – #3 in ranks of who I want to win) and the Detroit Lions (with no friend ties, this team could go 0-16 like they did a few years back and it wouldn’t bother me much – I just don’t want them to beat my teams.)

      My record last week was 2 and 2 – The Lions won last week, combining with the Giants win (beating my Bears.) I didn’t do so well with my Vikings and Packers picks. Since last week was the first week I did locals, my record is 2-2.

      My pick this week is:

      • Green Bay Packers over Philadelphia Eagles: Winter is usually when they fire up, and they’re overdue for a win now. Go Pack Go – Quit letting my Amanda down!
    • Applebee’s NASCAR Pick:

      Last week was a two-part contest due to it being the championship, with part 1 being to pick the winner of the race and the second part being the finish of the 4 championship racers. (I had a funny feeling about that – and I was right.) I had picked Truex Jr. for the race winner, with Logano, Busch, Johnson, and Edwards (in that order) for the second part. Sadly, Jimmie Johnson blew both parts out of the water, taking top spot in both – ending the season with a double loss this week. See you in February, I hope!

    • Tuesdays are usually results, while Fridays are usually picks.
  • Hot Topics:

    • About Monday

      Sometimes you hit a bit of writer’s block – so most of yesterday and today was spent preparing for other things (such as rearranging the office and setting up for new furniture) as well as preparing for other sections of this blog and catching up on two articles I intended to finish before last weekend. Sorry.

    • Dual Hypocrisy

      Woke up this morning earlier than I wanted to – a good thing because I found out I wouldn’t have woke up at the time I wanted to; a bad thing because I found out I was having to rearrange my schedule and that i was not returning to sleep anytime soon. Needless to say, by the time I told myself to give up on getting rest, I was already crabby for a few hours.

      Most of you don’t care, as you wake up in whatever mood you wake up in or feel like this is too much drama. Most of you are also sick, in whatever form, of hearing the rest of the world’s bullshit: of how the liberals are protesting in the street and booing our presiclowns, how the Republicans that were elected are going to screw up the very fabric of America, etc. There’s always someone or something to complain about.

      If you’re lucky, you don’t have the time to deal with it: kids need to get dressed, you have a job to go to, you need to make sure your spouse, if they’re not working, isn’t wasting the day away, etc. Basically, you don’t have time for Facebook or Twitter, you have to “adult.”

      Some of you with these responsibilities, however, find the time to spread whatever nonsense fits your agenda, telling these “liberal/conservative” fools just where to shove their ideology, telling them to shut up and accept the election or why this evil man shouldn’t be president. This is in spite of me telling you to “knock it off,” to an unsurprising no avail.

      What many of you don’t see are the similarities:

      • Both of you have complained about the President, either the one currently sitting (as of this writing) or the soon-to-be
      • Both of you protested against either man, with the person you’re supporting now being the opposite of the man you’re protesting against
      • Both of you want the other side to shut up and for your side to have your way

      Very similar – and very childish. Wouldn’t you agree?

      One of the main reasons for becoming so vocal and bitter was becoming sick of the plethora of garbage postings like this I was seeing before I jumped in. I don’t deny my own hypocrisy, as I’d rather find more important topics to discuss; it was in realizing my own hypocrisy, however, that I realized the hypocrisy of everyone else.

      If you want reason to stop posting this stuff, at least in the morning, that doesn’t involve bashing your beliefs, try this: You DON’T need the stress, and you’re wasting too much of your time trying to convince others not to waste theirs. Remember all of those responsibilities and why you do them? Do you remember all of those end-goal dreams you had, of vacations and parties, of relaxing in a mellow mood or whatever you envisioned? How is worrying about the problems in Washington beneficial to you today, if you’re not someone whose job is tied directly to such stuff?

      There are better times in the day, when you’re more awake, to deal with the problems both near and far. There is justifiable reasoning for what you feel, and just as good of reasoning to be involved in that discussion, regardless of the side you’re on. It’s not a call to end the issues involved (I’ve already made such calls, to no avail) but to quit focusing attention to this first thing in the morning. Let’s all have our coffees first before we come at each other with iron-hot pokers.

    • “Numbers” is NOT the Reason that I Write

      The big discussion this weekend was the uproar between the cast of the latest hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” and our President-elect. As with many such topics like this, people are very vocal about where they stand, arguing with others who voice the opposite of their opinions. Naturally, as an advocate for our First Amendment rights, I HAD TO add to this discussion, posting links from Upworthy (http://www.upworthy.com/what-happened-at-hamilton-last-night-says-a-lot-about-the-kind-of-america-we-want-to-be?g=2) and others(numerous memes including from the cast, and an article from Politico¬†http://www.politico.com/story/2016/11/trump-hamilton-mike-pence-231661) and vocalizing how foolish it is for Trump to waste time on the matter – and that how the cast handled the issue was right.

      One of my old friends, a Christian man I met in high school years ago and who I remember having a good heart, as well as a vocal supporter for Trump – naturally disagreed with me, feeling I was adding to the drama with false numbers to pad my blog. (If you want to read my take: https://www.facebook.com/JediW2/posts/10154111434523181 – the posting should be public.)

      I didn’t include his name as I have with others – while I’m sure he could handle the harassment of some of those with a lesser mind, as a friend voicing a hotly-debated argument I feel he deserves that respect. He’s like many of the other friends I have who voted for Trump: very accepting of other views and other people, regardless of race; very connected to his beliefs as a Christian man, Served in the military and is now trying to raise a good, healthy family. In other words, he’s not the type of person you generally want to label as “evil” simply because you disagree with him.

      That being said, something really irked me about his response: that idea that I’m trying to drive numbers to my Blog Page.

      I won’t lie: I’d be happy if I received a few thousand hits per page. It would justify going down a writing path, knowing that people are not only interested in reading what I write, they’re invested in it. Like it or hate it, the fact that they took the time to read it, and to continue reading after that, is something most people who create want, regardless of the format.

      The incident, the posts that followed, all happened after publishing of Friday’s articles – and all happened on my FB feed, which is private to people who aren’t already my friend.

      There are many reasons why I write this – to give another medium to keep up with me, to continue in the practice of writing, to open discussion of how I feel on various topics, etc. Numbers do play a part in this: It helps to know that people read what you write, instead of ignoring and commenting instead, as many do.

      I care more about my friends and family reading this first, however – not how many thousands of others come to read. Also, I’d have posted it on my blog if it was just for that. (If I cared THAT much, why would I call him anything BUT the President?)

      We’re allowed to vocalize disagreement, and I’m not naive enough to think the President doesn’t have the right to voice his opinion – but as President-Elect, by demanding an apology providing a good example for the idea that rights come with responsibility. (Coincidentally, it’s the same argument often used by those who want stricter gun laws – and the people against those laws are, no coincidence, his supporters.) His words now carry greater meaning than most of those in the United States today, and certainly more than he’s ever had before – so why waste them picking fights and looking childish?

    • While we’re on the subject…

      Mike Rowe – formerly of Dirty Jobs and chief spokesperson for his foundation that aids in getting schooling in trades that aren’t typically offered in college – offers a well-written opinion on the matter on his Facebook page and blog. While I disagree with whether what the cast did in calling Mike Pence out was wrong, He offers a better, more-well-rounded response that sees the silliness in both sides. You can find it on his blog: http://mikerowe.com/2016/11/the-play-is-the-thing/, where you can find links to his podcast (that I mentioned in the past on FB – and that NEEDS to return soon) and to his foundation, mikeroweWorks, at http://profoundlydisconnected.com/.

    If I don’t post something tomorrow, expect something Thursday. See you soon!


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