Afternoon Update – November 17th, 2016

(Editorial note:  for some strange reason this did not publish on time.  Sorry for the delay.  –  WW)

Good Morning Afternoon (again)! A valuable reminder today: I haven’t felt well rested the last two days when wearing the CPAP mask, but I was able to stay awake all morning on those days.

Morning/Afternoon Update

  • TV Updates: Catching up on shows this week… (Previously commented on shows will be noted…)
    • Sunday:
      • Yes “The Walking Dead”
      • Yes “Talking Dead”
    • Monday:
      • Yes “Supergirl”
      • Yes “Gotham”
      • Yes “Lucifer”
      • Yes “Conviction”
      • Yes “Timeless”
    • Tuesday:
      • Yes “The Flash”
      • Yes “This Is Us”
      • OH “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
    • Wednesday:
      • Yes “Arrow”
        • Another show we’re having to wait two weeks for – returns Nov. 30th.
        • I get why Oliver didn’t unmask our vigilante in the last episode (he hopes to win him over like the others, I think), but I also think he’d save everyone a lot of time if he did.
        • Disappointed – but not surprised – by the big reveal. A character from the other side getting intimate with the good guys – how many TV shows haven’t used that plot line before? Hope the payout is good – right now, having Artemis as our go-between kills the necessity for Tobias Church’s big reveal a few episodes back (before he was murdered, thus killing Tyrese again)…
        • Finally, hope they don’t drag Quentin’s alcohol abuse on for too much longer. I get why he’s a drunk and am sympathetic, but I think the lack of his criticism from previous seasons is one of those things dragging the new Team Arrow down.
      • Yes “Survivor”
        • This is the first season I’ve watched from the beginning, so I don’t know if last night’s tribal council back-stabbing-secret-exposure Taylor and Jay tried to pull is a first for the show or something that regularly happens. I am glad, after watching his smug, revenge-seeking punk-ass act like the traitor that he is, he got the boot.
        • I do wonder how this will bode for Adam(who Taylor was trying to back-stab and give the boot to) and Jay (whose association to and final-feasting with Taylor could put a huge target on his back in the future.)
      • Yes “Designated Survivor”
        • Another show on hold until after Turkey Day on November 30th.
        • Found out there was only two more episodes before Christmas break…
        • STILL waiting for President Kirkman to bring out his inner Jack Bauer and start kicking ass – and taking names…
        • I like that they’re going to explore Leo’s birth parentage. I don’t like, however, that the father in question is a prisoner dirty douche-tip who’s trying to win his freedom by using his potential son’s birth – given my (lack of a) relationship with my father, I’d be royally pissed if I were to be used in the same fashion. (ESPECIALLY if how I found out was after growing up NOT knowing!)
        • I like that President Kirkman IS making the kinds of mistakes that we’d expect of someone thrust into the role of world leader after almost being fired. I am finding that part of the story, however, to be wearing thin – tonight’s president-helps-expose-double-agent was one of those stories that might have been better on the chopping block.
        • Wonder how that kidnapping’s going to play out…
      • Yes “American Horror Story”
        • Season Finale – this will be listed in “Unlisted” next week. (Awesome Season!)
        • This might be the most rushed episode of the series, with a lot more activity switching between websites and sub-shows than the rest of the season.
        • One of the few things I like is how this shifts back to relationships in the end – first by connecting Lana Winters (from “Asylum”) to Lee, and to mother and daughter.
        • That the relationship between Lee and her daughter became the main focal point of the season, while exposed a couple of episodes back, might also be the highlight of the series. The other people we focus on – Shelby and Matt, Audrey and Rory, Sidney, Agnes, and the rest of the cast – have done a good job in misdirecting us from this. (I suspect, however, that rewatching this season may show us “hints” to this that may have been overlooked – such as with The Butcher and Mama Polk.)
        • While this might have been the scariest season on record, I hope next season brings back some of the character development that would allow us to care more about them. I think, because of how condensed and “produced” this season was, it was difficult to fully connect to many of the characters – which is why the ending stands out even more. While we connect to the main three characters this season, having two or more people playing the same role, or having some of the cast (The actors of the “re-enactments”) play multiple roles this season, made it more difficult to connect with the others in the same way we would have in previous seasons, which I think made it more confusing or worse overall for some. (The shortened season might also be to blame – though, to be fair, The Walking Dead’s first season felt like it had more character development in 6 episodes than this did in 10.)
    • Thursday:
      • NA “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”
      • OH “The Blacklist”
      • NA “Pitch”
    • Saturday:
      • OH “Doctor Who”
    • KEY:
      • No/Yes – (Not)Watched – notes below
      • NA – Not Aired
      • OH – On Hold – show has hit mid-season finale or is taking a break that week.
      • FS – Finished Season
    • Unlisted: Big Brother (Summer show), Sleepy Hollow (Returns January 4th)
  • Hot Topics:
    • I hold a few rules to myself while on Facebook:
      • Only edit for spelling, grammatical, and “confusion” errors (errors where how I wrote it leaves it more confusing for many other people.
      • Never delete unless it was either entered in the middle of editing (happens often when I type on the phone), it’s duplicated (also mainly a phone issue, though it has happened on the computers as well), or something intended – such as a tag to someone – didn’t work.

      I used to also try not to start arguments and leave them unfinished, but I’m realizing things change and lives become busier – sometimes I’ve forgot about an issue I was arguing and by the time I return to the argument it’s long dead. (Sorry Luke!)

      When it comes to what others post on my stuff, I try to avoid deleting at all, for the same reason I avoid deleting because of how bad I looked: IT happened. I believe you can’t show growth or maturity, or have room and recall to learn from, if you’re constantly deleting your major errors. Sometimes you have to let others call you out and accept the proverbial “egg-on-the-face” to learn from the mistakes you make and to better understand them.

      This afternoon started with a friend of mine posting about an argument she had to delete with an old acquaintance of hers. Given what the argument was over and how it sounds, I understand why she had to delete it, and don’t fault/blame her for it. To quote her:

      “I delete them because words and their power can linger.Words can have affect long after being spoken, word power lingers ever longer in print form. In my own way by deleting his words from my social space, I have erased their power, I have taken away their ability to affect or influence.” — Jennifer Burns

      I bring this up because, with all of the political, racial, sexist, and otherwise argumentative negativity going around the last few months – especially with the recent election – people have clearly lost two vital things needed in discussion: Respect and Trust. I can’t fault Luke for posting a picture of what I said given how we’ve both seen others edit or delete postings for him. (I hope he understands when and why I edit now, BTW.) It makes it difficult to maintain my stance on deleting social history, when others use that stance to harm others or make them look bad.

      I’m not ashamed of the mistakes I make or the arguments I get in – I’m not ashamed of how many swear words I use, and I don’t care much about whether you like or agree with everything I say. I care about how others understand what I say, and if they can respect it, even in disagreement. I can accept someone thinking I’m the biggest laughing stock on the planet because I disagree with them over how we see President Trump – but I still hope they can respect my opinion on him and can respect me for at least making an arguable point. (I’ll leave “right” and “wrong” out, as information constantly seems to come out disproving or arming our previous beliefs and understandings.)

      I understand why some people do have to delete, however – no one should be made to feel ashamed or be harassed because of what you or others post. You can’t force people to respect you, but you can control how – or if – they associate with you. Conversations, especially online, should help us grow and be better, not tear us down – and, while I’m glad the tools are there for removing such destructive commentary, I hope we can return to this ideal soon and remove the necessity for those tools.

    • With all of the confusion over what racism is, I figured we needed a quick recap. According to Meriam-Webster:
      1. a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
        1. a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles
        2. a political or social system founded on racism
      2. racial prejudice or discrimination

      Does any part of this definition specify any specific race?

      People are throwing this word around, arguing that, because they have black friends or acquaintances, they are not racist. They often forget that their fear and anger contributes to their prejudices – and that how they refer to other people IS a part of racism. They ignore how stereotypes affect perspective, and how we associate to others based on things other than their actions contribute to this.

      You can’t hate a group of people and associate their uncontrollable features with them without being racist. It’s not a black or white issue – it’s a Mexican, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, European, Indian, and any other race’s issue, as much as sexism not only belongs to boys and girls, but to gay/lesbian, transgender, bisexual, queer, or any other sex going beyond the physical gender, or how age-ism isn’t limited to young or old. You don’t get to claim you’re one way when your actions speak the other.

      When people are painting swastikas on signs and buildings, scratching racial slurs into doors, outright bulling and taunting people, but you ignore that while you criticize, twist, and argue against the other side for protesting and rioting – what does that make you?

      We need to start being honest with ourselves. We need to accept that we might not know as much about each other as we are comfortable to admit. We need to accept that, while things like terrorism and violence are perfectly reasonable to fear and be angry with, blaming a group of people for anything other than actions crosses that line between normal and bigot.

    • THIS JUST BREAKING PRIOR TO POSTING:  BRENDAN DASSEY IS TO REMAIN IN PRISON, THANKS TO AN APPEALS COURT RULING.  (Source:  NPR – )  The fact that they couldn’t give a reason is disturbing and disappointing, and a slap in the face to how the justice system has screwed this young man’s life.

Done preaching, teaching and speaking – see you tomorrow!


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