Morning Update – November 16th, 2016

Good Morning! Waking up grumpy today, unfortunately – I have to wonder if nervous energy becomes a negative depressive energy when something you were hoping for doesn’t work out. (Either that, or having the sniffles sucks!) Sorry if my commentary is more negative today than usual.

Morning Update

  • TV Updates: Catching up on shows this week… (Previously commented on shows will be noted…)
    • Sunday:
      • Yes “The Walking Dead”
      • Yes “Talking Dead”
        • Happy 100th Episode!
    • Monday:
      • Yes “Supergirl”
      • Yes “Gotham”
        • This is beginning to feel like too much of a comic book series – not in a good way.
        • I was hoping they’d draw out the story further of The Executioner’s dive into madness before it was discovered.
        • Looking forward to where this takes Bruce, Selina and Ivy – since the preview showed the return of the Court of Owls.
      • Yes “Lucifer”
        • This one disappointed me – one of my favorite things of the show is the humor at the devil mixing in with mortals, having an infatuation with the detective, even a demon by his side. He’s a narcissistic smart-ass who just wants to have fun, and it’s entertaining watching him navigate the world.That’s why last night was a let down – it was as if the writer(s) who give him his sense of humor had a few days off, showing up near the end. The dramatics were interesting and it was an okay story, but that lack of humor hurt this episode.
      • Yes “Conviction”
        • Tonights episode, topically, would have been appropriate last week given the main case involved many of the hot topics that fueled this election.
        • Beth Greene… err, Brie Larvan/Bug-eyed Bandit… no, wait – Tess Larson is finally coming into her own on this show. Too bad we don’t get to enjoy her singing like we did on The Walking Dead.
      • Yes “Timeless”
        • This episode throws all of my theories about the possible ending out of the window while exposing the relationships between the team and the relation between Flynn and Wyatt. For the most part, drier than I was expecting for an episode set in the 70’s.
        • On the bright side, we DID get to see the Calculator (from “Arrow”) in the 70’s – as an important informant. “Follow the Money…”
    • Tuesday:
      • Yes “The Flash”
        • If Draco Malfoy isn’t Alchemy, I’m going to be extremely surprised…
        • Glad the group finally finally knows what Kaitlyn has gained – hope next week’s not a permanent transformation into Killer Frost.
        • Speedster God? WTF? (Sorry, time for me to cook…)
      • Yes “This Is Us”
        • When I first started watching this with Amanda, I understood a little bit why Amanda liked it: the relationship between Kate and Toby reminded her in some ways of her relationship with Mike. I think I grew interested because of the multiple relationships – between siblings Kate and Kevin, between Randall and William (his birth father, who let him be adopted at birth into this family – played by Bobby Fish from Marvel’s Luke Cage,) between Jack (played by Heroes Peter Petrelli) and Rebecca (The mother and father of this family, her being played by Mandy Moore), and between Kate and Toby. It sometimes makes me questions the relationships I have, and helps me understand other relationships close to me.
        • Tonight’s struggle between Kevin and Randall reminded me of the sibling rivalry My sister and I had growing up. It makes me wonder how much of what she did was her trying to get my interest – and later her trying to piss me off because I was an ass of a brother.
        • Pot Brownies and bad diets… enough said.
      • OH “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
        • Forgot that it was on hold until after Turkey Day…
    • Wednesday:
      • NA “Arrow”
      • NA “Survivor”
      • NA “Designated Survivor”
      • NA “American Horror Story”
    • Thursday:
      • NA “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”
      • OH “The Blacklist”
      • NA “Pitch”
    • Saturday:
      • OH “Doctor Who”
    • KEY:
      • No/Yes – (Not)Watched – notes below
      • NA – Not Aired
      • OH – On Hold – show has hit mid-season finale or is taking a break that week.
      • FS – Finished Season
    • Unlisted: Big Brother (Summer show), Sleepy Hollow (Returns January 4th)
  • Job Update: Yesterday’s interview with Dedicated Computing ended in disappointment as I found out I lost the job a few hours after leaving early. While I’m sad, I gained a couple of insights from this.First, I really went into this interview more unprepared than what I wanted to be.
    Part of this was ego, thinking I wouldn’t find out much about the company because they contract with the government, medicine and more industrial contracts. Part of it, however, was learning most of the important stuff about what the company expects an hour before the actual interview. (That’s probably the only real flaw with the way Educated Solutions Corp., the hiring agency that called me about the job, made) – I wonder, had some of the stuff (such as the interview questions) been emailed to me, if I would have been more prepared or less nervous.
    Second, I tend to get flustered and wordy when nervous, talking too much or giving too many details. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it had a couple of people (Amanda and Jenn, the person who I spoke with at ESC, but after each part of the interview yesterday I kept thinking, “Shut up Wayne, shut up Wayne!” Being prepared helps a little (as I learned in my classes,) but I’m also not typically nervous for an interview – or, if I am, I’ve never noticed until yesterday.
    While I’m disappointed in the outcome, I was equally impressed by both companies (which only adds to said disappointment) and feel like I could help. If you’re looking for work, have assembled PC’s, installed OSses, you may want to apply – it starts at $13 an hour, bumping up to $14.40 after 90 days.
  • Hot Topics
    • Waking up to political bashing is really getting old – some of you might find comparing Hillary Clinton to Monica Lewinsky (for those who don’t know, Bill Clinton’s Blow Job problem while as President – which should give you a hint as to the nature of this morning’s joke) funny, while some of you enjoy talking about Mr. Trump’s relation to the Oompa-Loompa’s and giant Cheeto’s for the hundredth time, but when you’re feed is 5:1 of any subject, you get burned out fast. Since some of you are complaining about what the other side says (also annoying,) maybe a tone-down while people cool down is in order. (On a bright note: THIS is the only political thin in today’s blog – a good sign things are normalizing.)
    • Yesterday I posted on “The Bear Tech” about a “Watch Dog 2” Gamer getting his PSN Account suspended for posting a picture that featured female genitalia. What I wanted to say – and didn’t – was how stupid this all is. First, the gamer didn’t do anything really wrong: it was an in-game shot, not an image he created. There was no response, even if he did share it, for sharing something the company that makes the game (Ubisoft), created.Second, other than the few wasted polygons generating said bits, what’s wrong with generating said parts in an adult video game? If this were Sonic or Mario, characters marketed towards kids and young adults, it would be understandable – what kind of perv would want to see Sonic’s Rocket? (Please leave that unanswered!) With adult games, however, we should be comfortable enough to handle an inadvertent flash or, if it makes sense to the game, some real, physical sexuality. I’m not saying we should waste the extra math figuring out how to do it all of the time, but maybe if we didn’t make such a big deal about it in the first place, it wouldn’t be a problem – and we’d be giving creators another level of control and freedom.Finally, to quote the article: “One thing’s for certain: We’ve come a long way from the days of Hot Coffee.” No, we didn’t – we learned how to strike up a few extra dollars by enticing people to every copy of the game available before the patch. Again, this is one of those “how much we pay attention” deals where, if we paid less attention to this, it wouldn’t be a problem – it’s almost like rewarding a kid repeatedly for bad behavior.

Time for a quick nap, and then a return to job hunting! See you tomorrow!


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