Morning Update: November 15th, 2016

Good morning! Sorry for a lack of an update yesterday, but a combination of writer’s block, lack of sleep and a lot to do got in the way. It was started way early (Sunday night) and left me with little to feel happy about going into the morning… then afternoon… you get the idea. Anyway…

Morning Update:

  • What This Is About: Last week I was getting sick of repeatedly getting ignored when I posted stuff. I started thinking about some of the most common complaints – that I write too much and too often, not allowing the reader any chance to breathe – and realized that, in addition to my pages on FaceBook (The Bear Tech, which is supposed to be a depository of my computer/video game/tech interests,) I needed an outlet for some of my longer essays. Thus, back to my main blog for that.The idea’s simple: If I’m spending more than 2 paragraphs on something, people probably won’t want to read it. While I can add a “TL:DR” to the end of a comment that may be read BECAUSE it’s a comment, for something newly shared it’s a different matter: If they don’t read what you’re writing, they’re likely to ignore what I’m sharing as well. Likewise, if they’re not going to waste more than 2 paragraphs on something I share, they’re going to be less tolerant on a status update – of which have, in themselves, become mini-blogs.So, this is a depository for such thoughts: personal stuff that most might not care about, mini-blogs for things I shared/intended to share, etc. One stop, one write-up, 5 days a week. (More when needed.)

    It’s an experiment going through changes as I work with it, so any feedback related directly to this is welcome below. If it’s topic-specific, please include the topic somewhere.

  • TV Update:
    • Shows to catch up on: “Sleepy Hollow.” Worth noting: FINALLY have a watch-by date: January 4th, when the show returns for season 4.
    • Weekly Round-up (Tuesday/Friday): FINALLY caught up on last week. However, this is now the scorecard:
      • Sunday:
        • Yes “The Walking Dead”
          • I HATE Negan – but Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s an awesome bad guy!
        • No “Talking Dead”
      • Monday:
        • Yes “Supergirl”<
          • Don’t like how they handled the “Alex Danvers coming out” subplot – it really feels like a tacked-on “ooh, let’s make this character gay for no reason” storyline because of how they handled it. With all of the alien stories surrounding many of its human and alien characters in this show, this felt very unnecessary.
          • DO like the Guardian – though, like the “Alex Danvers coming out” subplot, this can easily become tacked on. (CW, here’s a hint: NOT EVERY MAIN OR SUPPORTING CHARACTER HAS TO BE A BADASS FIGHTER.)
        • No Gotham
        • No Lucifer
        • No Conviction
        • No Timeless
      • Tuesday:
        • NA The Flash
        • NA This Is Us
        • NA Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
      • Wednesday:
        • NA Arrow
        • NA Survivor
        • NA Designated Survivor
        • NA American Horror Story
          • Season Finale
          • I love not only being right (called the “Hollywood-based behind the scenes” stuff back in the summer in a comment about the mysterious trailers) but how they played it out.
          • Also love how scary it is: by making it a documentary followed by a found-footage story, they brought back a huge scare factor missing the last two seasons.
          • Not so happy about how they had Lee (Adina Porter) possessed by the Witch of the Wood, though it explains her confession – as well as her reasoning.
          • Also not surprised that she was the only survivor – with everyone else either “playing a part” (The original cast and crew) or lacking the experience (Matt and Shelby), the only one with any real survival training would have been the ex-cop. (I was hoping military actor Dylan was going to be it once he showed up, after last week’s confession – his death didn’t seem to fit.)
          • I’m going to speculate that the final episode’s going to be like a mini-“Making a Murder”-documentary, as it would fit with the rest of the season and trends it followed this year.
      • Thursday:
        • NA DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
        • OH The Blacklist
          • While I’m glad we’re done with Alexander Kirk and everyone’s safe and sound, I’m really getting annoyed by the “Kidnap Elizabeth/baby” subplot they’ve been overworking the last couple of years, and the dancing around the “Is Red her father” bit they keep on insisting (since the first season) HE ISN’T.
          • Returns January 5th.
        • NA Pitch
      • Saturday:
        • OH Doctor Who
          • Returns for Christmas
      • KEY:
        • No/Yes – (Not)Watched – notes below
        • NA – Not Aired
        • OH – On Hold – show has hit mid-season finale or is taking a break that week.
        • FS – Finished Season
      • Unlisted: Big Brother (Summer show), Sleepy Hollow (Returns January 4th)
  • Coming this week:
    • Christmas Wish List – I HATE the question, and usually dread Thanksgiving and Christmas because of it. Unfortunately, while I feel bad for often not being able to give anything, I feel even worse that most of my “Wants” fall into the expensive category – and that I’m somewhat picky about what I want. Geeks might understand – I can’t simply ask for a processor, as someone who doesn’t know me well may get me a CPU by the wrong company, that’s incompatible with the motherboard I want/get, is soldered on/built into the motherboard, or – if they’re computer-illiterate – a food processor. Likewise, I feel like anything I could quickly run into a store and grab quickly cheapens the value of the gift – and I’m at a point of wanting gifts that have personal value. Expect on Saturday in a separate blog.
    • Writer’s LabI’ve been toying with a few ideas for a while, and some of these ideas – often based on feelings that lead to thought-out plans – are things best left to the realm of fiction. Unfortunately, while I have these plans, I don’t necessarily have an idea for a story – or, if I did, it’s flimsy and needs works. This being National Novel Writing Month, and it already being over halfway over, I have no plans to pursue a story this year. However, I have backbones for plots or topics for stories, and I’m going to take some time to fill in the details. Expect this on Saturday in a separate blog.
    • Podcast stuff: Earlier this year I talked of doing my own Podcast – thankfully I didn’t, as the things that would have made said idea changed, thus ending said original idea. I STILL want to do this, however, and I have a couple of ideas for a couple of podcasts. What I would like, however, are some cohosts – people interested in talking about current events, Tech, TV, Movies and Music on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis. I’m testing ideas still, but for now we may either use Skype or other video/audio-messaging software – in other words, if you can’t make it to Milwaukee it’s fine; a regular consistent time is needed, however. If you’re interested in either being a regular or guest cohost, or have an idea that’d fit one of these topics, drop me an email, Facebook or Twitter message.
  • Job Update (Monday/Friday):
    • Interview today at 11 A.M. for a PC Builder. (Part of the reason I’m up – I’d REALLY like to get this job!)
    • Applying the rest of this week.
  • School Update (Monday):
    • Need to pay off fines to be able to transfer, and still need to apply to University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. (Both are on hold because of the Truck.)
    • Because I am nearing a third semester potentially out of school, student loan repayment is coming.
  • Football/Sports Update (Tuesday/Friday):
    • Having gone 0-9 this year for Applebee’s $10 gift certificate in the weekly Football contest, I went and picked the 5 teams most of my friends root for: Bears, Packers, Vikings, Broncos, Chiefs. Sadly, they went 2-3, with the NFC North big losers this week.
    • Having a considerable losing streak in the NASCAR picks as well, picking Kevin Harvik to win the last race. Last win in this was this summer.
    • Tuesdays are usually results, while Fridays are usually picks.
  • Hot Topics:
    • On Sunday, after seeing a meme claiming that Hillary Clinton lost both the electoral college and popular vote, I did some digging – and hit the first blog with more than one view in a while. (!!!!!) I also proved that a few sites you wouldn’t expect share the same numbers, and all 8 of the sites I checked using the “fuzzy” math these numbers used (based on adding in Michigan’s numbers) were wrong – by a wider-than-explainable margin. Sorry, Conservative sites, not this time.
    • Most people who are anti-Trump aren’t going to like me for saying this: It’s been a week since the election. In that time, Facebook has really shown itself to be a shitshow, with most of you becoming a huge problem. While Trump supporters and voters have continued in some of their nonsense (see above), there’s a few things most of you Anti-Trump posters fail to understand:
      • There are a number of conservatives who are twisting the actions you take against you. Part of this you bring onto yourself when you riot, burn the flag, or do some of the disgusting stuff I’ve seen on the internet – do we really need to see ANYONE take a shit in the middle of the street on a photo and smear it? Part of this, though, is them – and thanks to your actions, they’re having an easy time with it.
      • Your posting on Facebook and Twitter has pretty much added to the negativity and bullshit that is already posted, and THEY’RE trying to twist THOSE postings against you.
      • To make matters worse, your postings are driving people AWAY from supporting you – and that’s on ALL of you, liberal and conservative alike.
      • Finally, a lot of you are making the assumption that either they are or they don’t care about racism or bigotry, that the other side is full of fascist idiots. The sad truth of the matter is, they’re not – they’re no different from anyone else. They had seen all sides (if they bothered looking at the third party options), and chose the one they felt best about, or chose against the one they felt was bad – JUST AS MOST OF YOU DID. While you and I feel that they made the wrong choice, that doesn’t make them evil, that doesn’t mean they care any less about any of us, and that doesn’t mean they deserve our hate – save it for the real racists and bigots who DO deserve it.

      In case you haven’t picked up on my subtle hint, it’s time to reconsider strategies and quit protesting, either online or in public. The negativity needs to end, people need to cool down, and although the fight is far from over, it’s very unorganized and hurting others more than helping them.

      You’re entitled to feel how you feel, and I’ll understand if you dislike me for saying it – but I’d rather win the important battles than to make them more difficult. Here’s the important thing to consider: What if NONE of his promises happen? What if, in spite of Republican control through all parts of government, he CAN’T build the wall, he CAN’T stop immigration of Muslims, He CAN’T OR DOESN’T do anything about the PPACA? What if NONE of the worst of his promises come to pass?

      We need to be prepared if they do come to pass. We need to be vigilant against those who’d hurt our friends, neighbors, or family for being who or what they are. We need to show legitimacy and reason to back our causes, give reason to stand with us – not against. We lost the Election, and it wasn’t done by anything disturbingly different from previous elections – they came out, we didn’t.

      It’s been a week – let’s focus on the next important thing.

I have an interview to prepare for now – be back tomorrow!


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