Inaccurate Election Meme – Clinton DID win the Popular Vote!

A meme is floating around now by Trump supporters claiming that Trump won both the electoral college and the popular vote:


While the numbers aren’t far off from what most sites is reporting – 290 vs 228 for the electoral college – the popular vote of 62,972,226 for Trump to 62,277,250 for Clinton is a few million off. This meme, generated from numbers by Conservative Spirit (Source: ,) includes the votes from Michigan and New Hamsphire, while taking a jab at other sites like Google.

Sadly, a review of a number of other sites, including Google, says otherwise.

Trump – 62,975,049
Clinton – 63,596,617

Politico.com :

Trump – 62,697,370
Clinton – 63,083,525

USA Today :

Trump – 62,953,011
Clinton – 63,582,452

Wall Street Journal :

Trump – 62,975,049
Clinton – 63,596,617


Trump – 62,975,049
Clinton – 63,596,617

Fox News :

Trump – 62,975,049
Clinton – 63,596,617 :

Trump – 63,213,006
Clinton – 63,903,188

Formula: (Reported final results) + Michigan Results + New Hampshire results = final number reported.  (Same as what Conservative Spirit used.)

NONE of the final numbers reported on these sites came close to the number in said meme, and only by adding these two states did the results come close. Four of the sites – CNN, Wall Street Journals, Fox News and Google – likely used the same source, as Fox News and WSJ are owned by the same company. (Why CNN and Google also have those numbers is unclear.) Each of the rest of these site have different results, but all have the same end result: Clinton won the popular vote.

Sorry, Conservative Spirit, but trying to deceive people with inaccurate numbers where you list another conservative source (The Gateway Pundit, ) that’s inconsistent with every other source DOES NOT make this reliable.


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