Facebook Rant – November 10th, 2016

(Editorial notes:  Links were updated, spelling errors were fixed where they were needed, and I’m STILL tired.  And yes, I posted it in blog form – in case anyone else feels like I do.)

Good afternoon – was going to message earlier this morning when the cats were keeping me up, but I didn’t like any of the Donald Trump jokes I was coming up with. (If you have to ask “Why Donald Trump?” you REALLY wouldn’t get it!)

The last time I felt like yelling at some people being ridiculous and overdramatic, at not being complete unsympathetic douche bags, I wrote a blog that, unsurprisingly, was ignored by the majority of you and everyone else on the internet. (It seems my blog is now only visited by the SPAMBots who registered that someone visited, only to leave some stupid comment with a link to whatever garbage they’re peddling.) So, I’ll try to keep this simple:


Hillary Supporters and anti-Trump protestors: if you REALLY believe in the fight stop drowning Facebook, Twitter and all of your news feeds with stupid shit like “If you voted for Trump unfriend me.” Losing you as a friend now is a surefire way to continue this mess while sealing yourself off in a vacuum – no one benefits from this, you’re kept out of their loops, and no one comes to understand the fundamental wrongs on both sides. There were many more supporters who were only supporting their candidate because they were against the other person than there were supporters who fully believed in the person they voted for. (Here’s a site with a few polls that appear to be trackable if you want to look it up:http://www.politico.com/2016-election/polls/ ) That means there are plenty of issues on both sides ignored by this election that need to be discussed and understood, and discussion can’t take place when you refuse to hear the other side. Lose the Ignore statuses – they won’t help you.

Also, I’m fine with the protests – you have EVERY RIGHT to be upset, angry, and worried about the future. Trumps campaign mirrors Hitler’s rise to power in a few spots, and because he hasn’t been in politics before now, we have no track record to see how many of his promises he’ll commit to – so there’s DAMN GOOD REASON to feel as you do.

What I’m not fine with, however, is the fighting, the damage of property, the attempted bullying, and any of the other tactics where violence, bloodshed and damage can happen. Peaceful protests are meaningless when people witness this, and it often works against the side doing it, making it harder for the peaceful protesters to be heard. If you believe in your message, watch your actions.

(To save one argument: would you tolerate if your kid – if anyone you knew – used the argument “they were also doing it/did it too?” Of course not – you’d probably use the tired “lemmings” or “jump off of a cliff/bridge” argument in response. DON’T DO WHAT THEY DO!)

Trump Supporters: The one area you consistently fail at is empathy, for understanding and relating to the other side. Let those who are angry and upset vent it – don’t call them out on it, don’t rub their faces in it, QUIT BEING SORE WINNERS. They’re allowed to feel what they feel, there’s absolutely no reason to instigate shit or make it worse.

Also, there’s some interesting videos to be found of voter intimidation at the polls (some of which was used in news coverage the last two nights) and some disgustingly ugly tactics being used, such as the vandalism on busses and churches. Don’t act like your shit doesn’t stink because a few buttheads on the other side do it – there’s more than a few asshats among your ranks that need to be weeded out and have some sense knocked into. If it’s unacceptable for them to do, it’s equally unacceptable for you to do.

While we’re at it, this idea of unfriending or unfollowing people also needs to stop on this side as well – same reasons apply: You can’t have actual discussion or change without being able to have a discussion with someone from the other side. You might be surprised to learn that there’s more similar to each other than are different, that there are things to agree on, that not everyone fits the stereotype “liberal.”

It’s okay for everyone to feel what they need to feel – get it out of your system, let yourself cool down for a bit in this area. What’s done is done, and however this will play out in the political sphere (with talks of a possible investigation by the White House – https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/…/investigate-voter-fraud-… ,) crying, moaning, groaning, and acting like idiots won’t change it. If you’re serious about the cause, if you’re serious about what you believe, as soon as we mellow out we need to have serious discussions with each other on what we feel is wrong and how to go about fixing it. We need to protect those who may come under scrutiny and harassment now that Trump has won, and we need to focus on what we can do to make things work going forward. That doesn’t happen acting like children.

Sorry for the long rant.

TL:DR – If you’re against Trump, get the feelings out, protest if you need, but stop acting like idiots. If you were for Trump, stop being sore winners, show some sympathy, quit acting like there aren’t idiots on your side. For all: stop the “unfriend/unfollow” and stop acting like children on the playground. Let’s work together, not against each other.

Also, bad reference to attempted Donald Trump joke/cat frustration. It’s that kind of day.


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