Let’s Be Honest, America 2016 pt. 1: The Hidden Racism and the Sexism to Come

Ok, America, let’s talk.

You select two of the worst candidates to represent the major parties – something I can’t fault you for, as only one of the eligible candidates seemed respectable enough (and not a complete nutjob by the end of the process) to be worth it.  (Sad to say, he didn’t make the final cut – but there’s plenty to say about him in another post, for another time.)  The two that you picked?

The first one started his campaign on the wrong foot, threatening walls and religion-based bans, though he means it more towards all people from that region.  He takes pot shots online, insulting more than a few on both the Republican and Democratic side, and as time has progressed, has proven he’s a rich, old manchild, and we should be amazed at how he’s managed to stay rich legally.  With all of the orange on him, calling him a clown might not necessarily be a stretch – after all, he was pretty entertaining and leadership-capable before he went off the deep end this campaign.

The other side’s no saint, however – many consider her the devil, tying her to plenty of scandals from back when her husband was getting some on the side in the Oval Office.  I’ll defend her in that many of the actions taken by the Republicans against her the past decade have shown them to be as untrustworthy as her at the same time – but the recent scandal with the primary elections that leaves the DNC without a chairperson is leaving many people rightfully questioning her role in the affairs.

One important keyword:  She.

What should be a non-issue has become a focal point.  Trump has used the gender slam against many women who’ve vocalized against him, Hillary included.  While the questions of her character are justified, the fact that it’s a woman has brought some of the worst in people.

This isn’t surprising, however – what should have been an unprecedented and historic 8 years and two terms for the first black president has shown a deeper, darker secret:  the fake acceptance of people and the hidden racism we’re not yet comfortable to admit.

Don’t get me wrong:  Every president does stuff people disagree with.  His handling of healthcare was shameful, and the current racial and cultural divide has his mishandling in it as well.  There’s plenty of things he’s legitimately done to argue over and hate.

However, before he even took office the Republican party, as well as many rich and angry people, were out to get him:  Trying to disprove him as a born U.S. citizen, tying him to the hate groups in the Middle East, claiming many falsehoods about his background, how he’s tied to the devil, etc.  The unusual part was in how much was manufactured – unlike previous presidents which had their fair share of political squabble between parties, people were going out of their way to find made-up garbage (which, sadly, many of you still believe) to pin on him.  Bill Clinton and Bush Jr., at least, had legitimate harassment, even if it was a little ridiculous.

Back when many people, myself included, first noticed this, we called you out on it.

You ignored us.

Now we face a historic moment:  The possibility that one of two presidential candidates who could win being female.  While I’ll discuss the third-party game in part 2, I’ll not mince words:  If Jill Stein or Hillary Clinton becomes the first female president, the one guarantee is that this hidden hatred won’t end.  In fact, it could be worse:  if Stein – the Green Party candidate – should win, we’ll see ugliness from both the Democrats and the Republicans, and both have shown how they’re not above using fiction to get someone.  (Clinton, for the most part, has her party’s back.)

Let’s cut the bullshit:  when women are getting attacked, harassed, and bullied for calling out rape, getting paid less, leading teams, and doing “guy things,” the sexism the President will face if it’s a woman will explode.  Do you like the story on Benghazi?  Good:  the Republicans will find 5 more ground fights to charge her as a war criminal for, and 3 won’t even involve her.  I’m sure we can tie her to Communism, and maybe even Hitler.  (Yes, we know you’re pissed at people linking Trump to him – though there’s more legitimacy in THAT argument!)

Yes, the sexism will get worse.

I could try to talk to you, try to stop you – but I’m not.  the way I see it, you were stupid enough to choose these clowns – why should I try to stop you, especially when you didn’t listen the last time?

Instead, I’m calling you out, challenging you like a real man.  Real men ignore bullshit, and go straight to the source.  They call out would-be bullies, telling them how it really is and what won’t be tolerated.  Yes, when whoever is elected president messes up, they will call him or her out on it – just as we should have done with Obama without the lies and fantasy.

That means, instead of listening to Trump and every PAC/SuperPAC/Conservative group throwing every sort of misinformation about Hillary or Jill your way, You stop focusing on the lies and focus instead on everyone’s actions.

That means you focus on the important things they do/fail to do, NOT on their looks, how they talk, or especially on the misinformation going on about them.

That means, if they are elected president, you treat them as a God-damned President – no more, no less.

Let’s be clear about this, as well:  There are enough people who are angry and hurt, and if you choose not to do this, they will be the people you answer to.  That’s not a battle I want a part of.

I’ll see you later in the week with part 2…


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