News of my World, and a New Podcast…

For those wondering why the long breaks in writing:

  • Currently enrolled at Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL – graduation date 2018, major in computer science, minor in business administration.
  • Girlfriend who lives in Milwaukee, WI.
  • Still at my Yearbook Job in Loves Park, IL.

The bad news is a lot of free time being spent driving – it’s a minimum of 2 hours between Dekalb and Milwaukee, and almost an hour between Dekalb and Loves Park.  The good news:  A new project that only requires me moving my mouth and talk.

I’m hoping, in a few weeks, to unleash Conversations with Wayne, a podcast being recorded directly onto my phone for later revision.  While the full plan isn’t known yet, I am trying software, as well as (technical) format, to do this.  Generally speaking, the topic is whatever is currently on my mind in the moment – I do a lot of thinking when alone and driving – and is random and unscripted.

There’s not a lot I can tell you at this point UNTIL it is unleashed, but expect something appearing around mid-April.


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