Adrift In Random Chaos: Status Too Big for Status

This was a posting so heavy, I needed to use my blog to share it.  If you don’t like my long posts and don’t have any intention of helping me, feel free to skip.  To everyone else, I’ll put everything in chronological order of importance, saving what has come to pass and is not relevant at the moment for last.

  • The reasons for problems/updates – First, the car:  right now we know a bad computer is causing some of the problems, and the part for it is on order, hopefully to arrive before Turkey Day.  I’ve left the car in good hands I trust, although funding it may be another matter.  Even when the first parts come in it may not fix the problems fully – if the computer tells him he needs another part, it may be added time I don’t have.  Not worried about the bill, as I will pay it back as soon as I can, BUT the toll not having a car is taking on me, as well as the number of complications to what I have to finish is undeniable.
    Second, I was able to get until the end of the month to move out.  After that, he takes me to court.  This cost me the rent of November to do, so when I move out I won’t see any money (including my security deposit.)  One thing a couple of people have mentioned to me is confusion on some issues –

    1. I’m not being evicted for owing money. While money is a key issue, it is not the main reason – my rent, even when late, was always paid up, and my utilities were either in good standing or negotiated to within said standards.
    2. This IS because of a pest problem, and how both sides mishandled it. Last year when I found out I was infested I tried to fix the problem by taking things into my own hands – something that did not work, caused the landlord TO find out, and caused problems with how HE wanted to treat the problem. The only other thing I did wrong was accept the blame – something that would bite me in the ass. He warned me last year if said problem returned I’d be evicted.
      A number of things did – and did not – happen, to which shifts the blame around. A number of pieces of evidence point to other neighbors as well as himself as the culprit of that pest, and from what I read on the pests, they could have came in the same way most other pests do – important, as over the amount of time I’ve lived here I’ve witnessed a number of buildings on both sides of the creek running between 6th and 7th Avenues torn down. Furthermore, the last time the building was infested, all he did was steam-clean, wrap, and throw away my stuff on my time, causing a number of headaches – none of the other apartments had any sort of cleaning. To top that off, he charged me for half of the cleaning bill.
      In short, had I the witnesses to call on and the desire to fight, I could possibly win and cost him his building. However,
    3. I’m sick of being sick. The majority of why I’m having trouble breathing now, why I have so many sores on my body, all of my newest trust issues come from this place. I should have called and reported the place to the health department back when they started returning – especially after this early eviction. I should fight him in court, but he’s not worth it. He doesn’t have evidence to link it to me, I don’t have evidence to link it to him, all we have is or words and agreements – one of which, whether or not I’m allowed to let off bug bombs in my apartment, is where I’d lose the case (if not something else.) It’s not worth it.
  • School/Food Rides – With 3 weeks left of classes now, and a car still in need of repairs, the time to get to and from places is crucial – every minute spent riding someplace is a minute not spent preparing for a test or finishing homework, and is a minute not taking care of necessities such as food and toiletries.  Unfortunately, I missed 3 of the 4 days this week – 2 of them due to mechanical failure of the car that is in repairs, and 1 to a court date involving an incident with my car.  (More on that below.)  I need a lift – at minimum –  to classes on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Monday I need to be there by 4:30; Tuesday I need to be there by 3.  I can go earlier both days, as long as when I’m riding home from class, which I’d get out – at the earliest – around 8:45, I can function enough to make it home by bus if needed (exception coming up.)   I’ll pay on Wednesday (assuming all goes well with my unemployment) and, depending on the condition of my car, may need it into the following final weeks.  I can’t afford to miss any more class – missing the notes hurts my tests, and in some classes missing days hurts my grade.
    Necessities such as food and toiletries are also needed (see court below as to why,) but this can be done during any time other than what is/will be mentioned.  The biggest issue there is accessing the clean cloths in my car – something I hope not to do too much of, as where they are at is a safer place than home.  I’ll also pay for this if need be but would prefer a volunteer on their free time – weight of importance.
  • Birdman –  Monday, November 24th at 9:20 I need to go to Showplace 16 to see Birdman, the new Michael Keaton film.   The ticket for this was purchased originally for Tuesday (prior to the car permanently dying on me), and the best I could do was to postpone it.  Before anyone complains:  This was supposed to be for my film history class as extra credit.  My teacher made a list of things we can do for extra credit, as long as we only do two total, one of which has to be different from the other, and have it in before Monday, December 1st – among them:  a film review from a list of films (of which Birdman is on), Another shorter cinematographer/auteur theory paper, watch and take part in a visit from another film maker (scheduled for the time I was in court today, which is why this was not an option for me), and a paper on one of a few subject matters involving film history, such as Propaganda or Drive-ins, for example.  I’ll be more than glad to ride with, and pay back for (on Wednesday) the company, AS LONG AS I can be left alone to watch and study the film – it is for class, after all.  I would also need a lift home from there as well, as even if the buses made it home from there I’d still have to wait until Morning to get home, due to how late the buses run in Rockford.
  • Moving – Due to the amount of time I have to do it, I won’t be moving stuff out of my apartment until Thanksgiving weekend.  This is partially because of the car, partially because I HATE BLACK FRIDAY, partially because I will need that much time to sort and store everything, and partially because most of this move is going to be spent emptying and cleaning the apartment, as opposed to actually transporting stuff.  (I’m thinking 2-3 trips, possibly 4, to the storage unit for what I will keep, and 1 trip to whereever I stay/mom’s house – if I have to stay in a shelter – for stuff I will need immediate access to.)  I CAN – and MIGHT – have some stuff ready to go this Saturday, but the bulk of has to go next weekend.
    I also still need a place to stay – I am willing to pay to stay (if it is reasonable,) for the time I need to finish at RVC and transfer to NIU.  I am looking into things on my own, but I would like this secured before Thanksgiving, if at all possible, and would need a few amenities while I stay (due to having to throw my furniture out.)
  • Jobs –  Put simply, my unemployment runs out at some point in December. After that, with no “helper” check coming from LT and expenses racking up, I might be stuck in Rockford instead of going to NIU like I planned. I’m up on the major job sites and am looking for something, and although I’m being picky – avoiding strenuous work so that I can focus on physical healing, as well as anything North or West of Rockford – I’m hirable for the right price. If you hear of any jobs that I can do, let me know.
  • Lifetouch –  A few people have been asking if I was returning to Lifetouch this year. While I’ve been pretty vocal about not returning, a number of factors may change things. So, to clear things up,
    • Personal feelings won’t be the main factor. While I’m a little hurt by the priority people put on me for calling me back, the truth of the matter is that I enjoy the job I was doing there, regardless of if it was book repair or computer stuff; and I enjoy the people I work with, and will miss them when I am gone. Whatever good or bad has happened, and I harbor no ill feelings towards individuals or the company that would keep me away.
    • Shelter will be the biggest deciding factor on whether or not I return. Thanks to this new wrinkle with me having to move, I’m having to readjust plans for 2 moves instead of one – something guaranteed not to be easy, especially for someone who hates moving! If I have shelter before the start of the school year, it will also mean I have a job, which means no need for Lifetouch. However, if I’m still stuck in January when LT is doing their callbacks, who knows…
    • School is still the main focus. If school has to be shifted until May/June, so be it – whatever decision I make will affect that first.
  • Court –  The big news today is that I am short $20, and as a result have one more court date – January 8th, 2015 – to pay my fines off in. Of course, the bad thing is an even longer delay in hanging around Loves Park (due to the incredible amount of bad luck I have with their cops at night) as well as a rush around that time period to take care of last-minute business here. The worst thing, however, was being forced to wait in a courtroom – where electronic devices aren’t allowed and where my phone couldn’t pull a signal – until a quarter to 5, when they FINALLY called my name to the bench. Missed math class, felt stupid (could have probably paid just from the bank AND had some extra cash for food and stuff this weekend!), and because I didn’t carry my school stuff with, missed my other class as well.

I’ll write more tomorrow. Good night.


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