A letter to voters….

My fellow Americans:

As many of you are aware, we have another election coming up in November.  This one’s not presidential, which means  some of you won’t care.  A lot of you will, however, and all of us should, because most of us are angry:  At each other, at our representatives, at our elected officials who we feel aren’t doing their jobs.  Even when we agree with him we know the President’s part of the problem, but we’re not sure on what level.

At the same time, most of us have good reason to be unhappy.  Part of it is the decrease in pay and increase in demands, if we’re one of the lucky people working; for some of us, finding work is difficult.  Part of it’s an increase in medical and educational bills, 2 fundamental necessities that are difficult to live without.  We can’t go to a grocery store without finding GMO-based food, or how addicted to a flawed system we’ve become.  Many of us are going to jail, but for what?  While doing drugs and selling yourself should be despicable and frowned upon, the people who do these activities need our help, not a prison sentence.  Mass shootings are becoming a recurring nightmare, maybe giving a lull of a few months (if we’re lucky) before the next one tosses us into debate about the first and second amendment.  We can’t forget the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), aka Obamacare, aka a U.S. Life Tax.   (Don’t you miss the good ole’ days when all you were taxed for was working and being a consumer?)

Dark humor aside, there are a lot of good reasons why we need to get out and vote.  The biggest, however, is the one directly in front of our noses:  The people causing all of this divisiveness in America, either representing a party or representing a group funding ads and donations against the other party making sure you vote the way they want you too.  There are too many people, happy with the way things are, who want to use their dollars to buy as much power as they can possibly obtain.  This, again, works on both sides, sometimes out in view of the public (such as your celebrities and superstars, who’ve become masters of using their fame), sometimes in the shadows of everyone else (The super-rich, who want their influence on America but don’t want to be seen/heard doing it.)  Let’s be honest:  most of us vote by listening to these guys, not because we don’t care, but because we’re too lazy to d o the homework and we “trust” what they are saying.

Things have become very interesting and very important, because we are falling apart, falling behind other countries in jobs, growth and education, focused on too many of the wrong things, and not focused enough on what is right.  We’re letting others choose for us what we should be choosing for ourselves. It’s time to change.

What if I told you that the majority of us could have what we want:  equal rights for all, equal pay and opportunity, good homes in good neighborhoods with good people carrying out the American Dream?  We’d have to compromise on a few things, such as our laziness and a few “demands” we have, but overall no one woulds be getting screwed, and everyone would benefit.  Something you call a fantasy  -but I believe can happen.

This November could be the starting point of a truly prosperous time for all of us – but we have to choose to act first.

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for – even if I’d done my research on everyone I’d probably be too swayed to tell you who I want over who this country needs.  Even though we elect individuals, we don’t need a bunch of them thinking the “i” is more important than the “team.”  (Besides, there’s always the possibility of human error, of reading one thing out of a candidate and finding out how full of it they are – something none of us wants.)

I do, however, have a few thoughts on voting that I hope you’ll consider this year:

1.  IF you can vote and the only time you vote is at the presidential elections, GET OUT AND VOTE ALREADY!  Your vote matters, win or lose, and the more active you are, the more influence you will have.

2.  Speaking of being active, INVESTIGATE ALL OF THE CANDIDATES!  Come up with a list of 5-6 things that are important to you, and look to see how the candidates fall on each of those things.

3.  Because no one is going to land perfectly on your choices:  Find the ones willing to work a s a team with people of opposing views.  The biggest problem in our government is too many “individuals” focused on themselves.  While there’s nothing wrong with voting for your causes and your states, when it comes to the U.S., we need to think about what’s best for our country, and finding people who view the people as more important than the party are the ones we need back in there.  Anyone can follow a lead, but how many can work for everyone?

4.  DROP THE PARTY POLITICS!  If you’re strictly “Republican” or “Democrat” (or any other party), YOU’RE HURTING US!  We need people willing to work for the good of the people, not people following a party line.  Party lines are good for funding and setting a general agenda, but at the end of the day, what may be best for America may not be what your party thinks.

5.  Reach out to people, regardless of views.  Focus not on how your choices matter, but on how to make the world better.  Start getting lists and ideas together, look for solutions, focus on improvement in our country.  Just as we need them working together for us again, we need to work together to let them know exactly what we want and how we want it.

This is just the starting point – the next few years will be critical as we transition to a new president, and everyone’s focused on what they want.  It’s time to strike back and fight for what we want – before we lose our ability to do that.


One idealistic American.


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