Song of the Day Discontinued…

Normally, when something starts eating at me, I let it sit in me for a few days to see how I really feel.  I don’t like rushing things, especially with things of importance.

However, sometimes the pieces to the puzzle fit perfectly, and you can see that something is not working out as it should.  In this case, the numbers don’t lie:  while on a couple of rare occasions the numbers increased, they never broke into double digits.  Worse, my blog has remained flatlined for most of the month, even when I wrote on more serious topics.

More important, however, is how far off the writing has become.  I started doing this as a way to both increase my writing practice and reveal a little about my musical taste.  However, everything I’ve picked’s been somewhat generic – no real B-Sides, non-singles, stuff like that.  Even when I do pick a good song, there’s not a lot of time to dive into it – I’m giving “it’s cool” or “It’s how I feel right now,” which are okay, but not worth wasting the time to read.  Combined with the fact that everyone can go to Youtube (where I find them) to watch these makes the process pointless.

So, for now, “Song of the Day” is discontinued.  If I decide I have enough worthwhile material to talk about, I’ll bring it back.  Sorry if you enjoyed it.


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