Song of the Day – Megadeth, “Symphony of Destruction”

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my political science class nights, and I’m really enjoying it.  I don’t feel so invalid, I’m learning about why things are so messed up, and I’m even working on something that may need said system.

Wednesdays – those not wrapped up in tests, as mine is supposed to be preparing for tonight – are usually spent in a PSC “hangover,” giving thought to how to fix the problems and expand the knowledge.  That’s why I chose this song today.

As far as Megadeth songs go, this is one of my favorites:  It’s the first I heard all-the-way-through for them, and even though the main guitar riff sounds simplistic, it’s also beefy and crunchy, in a way that really digs in.  It’s political meanings, along with watching Dave Mustaine (lead singer/guitarist) take a stand on MTV as part of “Rock The Vote” got me involved in politics at an early age.  It’s simplicity is part of what makes it work:  At the time this came out, only their rival Metallica was having luck staying on the radio with the new wave of music called grunge and alternative, not to be confused with the gangsta rap explosion.  Almost everyone doing metal in the 80’s was losing out, and while Pantera was just throwing fuel onto their fire, This songs was one of the few sparks outside of Metallica to really shine.  Sometimes simplicity is all you need.


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