Song of the Day (Late!!!!) – Tool, “Stinkfist”

Normally, this will appear at noon or, worst case scenario, 6 pm.  Yesterday, like today and tomorrow, I have a pretty busy schedule at school, as I had to turn paperwork in yesterday, take an exam today, and get some homework turned in tomorrow.  Technically, this is yesterday’s post, and the choice of song fits closest to some of the more painful aspects of my day.

I’m not going to waste too much time on the subject of my health right now because I am focused on a couple of complex problems that, for the moment, I can deal with.  I’m stuck in a cycle I am trying to beat on my own, not by choice, but because I am stuck in a few systems that I can’t easily escape.  Rather than whine and cry about those problems (something I do enough of on Facebook), I’m focused on the problems I can deal with, saving those things I need help with for when those opportunities come up.   Some parts of the problem will (hopefully) be resolved soon; some won’t.  Until then, be patient, try to solve the problems when you can, and hope that things work out.

The point is that, even if I hunt at a problem through a song or post, it means nothing.  I know this song’s about masterbation, but there are other places to stink, as well as attitudes (and other objects and ideas) that “stink.”  Without the problems, it’s still one of my favorite tool songs, and the biggest reason why I bought “AEnima.”

Your normal post should be here tomorrow.


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