Song of the Day – “Bad Habit” by The Offspring

No theme for today, just some random choice based on my mood…

Today’s song doesn’t have a music video per se, which is a good thing – to have a video would also need a radio-friendly version of this song, and making the song radio-friendly would kill the best part of the song.  For me, this was the song to hook me on the group – “Come Out and Play” and “Self Esteem” may have got me to buy the cassette (and later the CD), but this was the song that kept me playing the CD all of the way through.  (Bands, take note: if you want to hook people on your music, you have to put at least one of your best non-singles up front.)

What’s really funny is that I didn’t get my license until I was almost 23 – almost 6 years after the song came out, which was around the same time I was originally in driver’s education.  I must have looked goofy shouting these lyrics out loud while riding my bike!

Again, the song may not include a music video – but concert footage’s not a bad trade, right?


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