Song of the Day – “Wrong Side of the Sun,” Capstone

Today we’re trying a new day format – tested/testing Tuesdays. Mot of these are either bands I’ve heard online, seen live, and/or know them.For the most part, to my knowledge they are not nationally/major label-signed bands.

Today’s band was one I saw 14 years ago at a local event called Pillfest. Mr. Pill, made up of members formerly known as thrown, got together some of the harder-rocking bands from around the area – by area, I’m not talking Rockford; in this groups case, they came from Wisconsin. (I think!) I caught them singing along to the then-popular Linkin Park song “One Step Closer” prior to the show – which is appropriate, given their style of music. I’ve never seen them live after that, and heard they broke up years ago, shortly after getting signed.
This song somewhat describes some of what I was feeling back then: shamed, alone, always wrong. (Funny how some things don’t change…)
Do you have a band that you’d like me to listen to or watch? If so, drop me a line at I’ll try to message you before I post. (My apologies to Capstone – if you wouldn’t mind contacting me, I’d really appreciate it.)


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