Song of the Day SPECIAL – Jimi Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner

As we celebrate midsummer (technically early summer) with Fireworks, BBQ, and all sorts of fun water and fire activities, let’s not forget the people – from the original members from the 13 states that signed “The Declaration of Independence” to the brave men and women returning home and currently active – serving our great country.  Without their sacrifices, the accomplishments of so many great and talented people – writers, scientists, leaders, artists, and musicians, to name a few – would not exist today.

Using Jimi Hendrix’s famous guitar solo/salute to the country is cliché, but it’s also the most fitting for this day:  At the height of the civil rights era, at a time where America was facing riots and battles in its own streets for the rights of all citizens, while many were also fighting overseas in Vietnam, a black guitarist, who learned to play the guitar upside down to fit the use of his hands better, takes an already familiar tune representing a country sharply divided on many issues of equal rights and makes that song truly epic.  Musicians have done great things with that song before and after him, but few stand up in either tone or meaning the way his version does.

I won’t be writing again until Monday – I have one more already-finished piece coming out later today, and possibly another before the night is through, but even without the holiday, I want to take advantage of the extra time I have to get ahead with my notes and school work.

Happy Fourth of July!


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