Song of the Day: 80’s Heavy Metal Week – Alternatives

It seems when I was editing these out (I had to pre-write the ones this week so I’d have more time to prepare for two exams next week,) I made a critical judgement error on dates, which is why #2. and #1. were put out the same day. I’m ahead on my notes, so I’m giving you two extra articles this weekend.

Finishing Up: Some other choice songs that I almost chose – from the people on my list!

5. Aerosmith, “Livin’ on the Edge”

  • Why it was considered: If there was a song that defined Aerosmith’s evolution, this is it. It had all of the elements that made their songs so great, made a statement about living, and is one of those “Shut up, Wayne!” songs – because it’s hard for me NOT to sing along!
  • Why I chose Walk This Way instead: Apart from all of the rest of their songs that I like, it was “Walk This Way” that introduced me to them, and that song had some influence on modern metal today.

4. Guns ‘N’ Roses, “Paradise City”

  • Why it was considered: If there was a song that described and made you think of Arena Rock, this was it for this band. “Sweet Child of Mine” and “Welcome to the Jungle” were awesome songs in and of themselves, but this was the song that had me hook, line and sinker with GNR – until Axl started being a douche asshole.
  • Why I chose You Could Be Mine instead: Terminator 2: Judgment Day. All of their singles were awesome songs, but it’s hard to pick one over the other. The movie separated the song from the pack.

3. Anthrax, “Belly of the Beast”

  • Why it was considered: The 8 minutes of music, which technically starts in Intro to Reality with its slow buildup, quickly captures the evil and heart of the politics and greed corrupting America. Another favorite story song, and like “One,” one that sold me on the band.
  • Why I chose Bring The Noise instead: As great as the song is, I wouldn’t have listened to it had I not heard this song years earlier, and its influence on the music I listen to today – combined with Public Enemy – can’t be denied.

2. Ozzy Osbourne, “No More Tears”

  • Why it was considered: As the title track of the first CD I would own, this song had a lot of things going for it: a great story song, synths mixed with guitars, Zakk Wylde, a creepiness that settled under the skin while it played.
  • Why I chose Crazy Train instead: As much as I love this song, there’s only one non-Black-Sabbath Ozzy song that was better, and that was the one I ultimately chose.

1. Metallica, “One”

  • Why it was considered: IT’S MY FAVORITE SONG! It’s THE song that made me consider music in a different light. It’s THE song that made me go from enjoying a song to caring about the band, the music, and the choices I made in this regard. It’s THE song that made me recognize the choices I was making in liking music.
  • Why I chose The Unforgiven instead: First and foremost, because it is my favorite Metallica song. Second, My favorite version of the song is on the S&M album, where they performed it with a symphony and added a depth and character that I thought was otherwise impossible to do. Third, the video for this, compared to the song itself, didn’t stand out for me as much, as it didn’t show its character – it focused more on the band, which, while a good idea generally, isn’t as exciting as an experience.

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