Song of the Day – 80’s Heavy Metal Week – 4. Guns ‘N’ Roses, “You Could Be Mine”

Welcome to Song of the Day, where I talk about music I am thinking of, that’s important to me, and that I feel you’ll enjoy.  When possible, I’ll try to include stuff from the original source material, though in some cases you’ll have to do without – nothing I post on here should break copyright laws, unless the source I pull from is not, in fact, the legal source.

This week is 80’s Heavy Metal week, and I’m picking 5 of my all-time favorite song during the era where loud, shrieking guitar riffs, Screaming that could still be called singing, and that, in some ways, influenced the music I listen to today.  Most of these have a long shelf life, although a few are admittedly just for fun.  Although most will be from the 80’s, I allowed the early 90’s to fit in as well, since those songs were technically also part of this era.

Of all of the groups on this list, this is the one I hate the most.  I love the songs, no question – like Aerosmith yesterday, this group has a long string of hits that were favorites.  However, it was the douchebag bullshit antics and subsequent lineup changes that would earn scorn towards the only original member left in the group, Axl Rose.  Incidents such as jumping into the crowd to break cameras, replacing band members (Often for drugs, though sometimes for truly idiotic reasons,) his refusal to perform after the explosion under James Hetfield that caused riots in Canada – by the time his “Chinese Democracy” finally came out, I stopped caring completely. It’s sad, because had GNR truly stayed together and continued making music after their big stuff came in the early 90’s, they’d still be an epic band today.  Slash is still one of my favorite guitarists, and I’d still pay to see the rest of the band – but Axl, who used to be one of my favorite singers, can disappear.  (Those who know me know THAT’s being nice…)

That being said, it’s not often I get to pair a lot of favorite things into one song or video, and this one has a couple of things:  Sci-Fi action with cameo from one of my favorite sci-fi films courtesy of Arnold Schwarzennegar , and a killer song that’s good representation for the band.  It was before all of those slower metal songs they’d release for the “Use Your Illusions” albums, and after their seminal entry album.  Most importantly, it still stands up today, while being different enough from their most popular stuff.


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