Song of the Day – Korn “Freak on a Leash”

Welcome to Song of the Day, where I talk about music I am thinking of, that’s important to me, and that I feel you’ll enjoy.  When possible, I’ll try to include stuff from the original source material, though in some cases you’ll have to do without – nothing I post on here should break copyright laws, unless the source I pull from is not, in fact, the legal source.

I’m closing out animation week with another favorite, “Freak on a Leash.”  Not much to say, but I’ve seen these guys two times – in Chicago in 1999 and Atlanta in 2000.  This is one of those I’d like to sing live, especially the Skatting in the middle, and while it’s not one I’d want to learn on the guitar (I’m still looking to replace my 6-string that was stolen to learn,)  just to do this with a band would be awesome in and of itself.

I paired it with the version they did on “MTV Unplugged” with Amy Lee, which really gives new life and a new perspective to the song.

Next week’s theme is 80’s Hair Metal – may do a top 5 favorites.  Although I may do this for special occasions, I’m going to keep the weekends open for other blog postings

For reference:  Email me if you’re an unsigned/recently signed band with a video on Youtube, Sound Cloud, or some other music sharing site that allows embedding music onto a site.  I’d like to turn Fridays into a “New Music Day,” and if I like it and you have something big (new release, big performance near Rockford, IL) I’d be happy to help promote it.  Genre doesn’t matter too much – key words are “if I like it.”


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