Song of the Day – Pink Floyd – “What Shall We Do Now?”

Welcome to Song of the Day, where I talk about music I am thinking of, that’s important to me, and that I feel you’ll enjoy.  When possible, I’ll try to include stuff from the original source material, though in some cases you’ll have to do without – nothing I post on here should break copyright laws, unless the source I pull from is not, in fact, the legal source.

If you haven’t noticed, this week has had a subtle theme:  every main video has been an animation, and in two of the cases, the alternate has been a live version, while one was the original version.  Today’s not going to shake things up too much, other than the fact that today’s song is from an animated/live action film which is also a favorite.

Pink Floyd was one that I never listened to until I was an adult.  I had heard of them when I was young, and I’d heard a couple of their songs in my teens, but because I didn’t really hang around much with anyone who listened to them heavily, their music would have to wait until I was much older.  However, I connected with this animation, flipped on by accident but interesting enough to sit and watch the rest of the movie, then later rent to watch the full film.

Around this time one of the guitar magazines I was about the release of the live concerts to support the album and  movie, and found the making of to be really interesting – how it’s partly inspired by Water’s reaction to his spitting on some obnoxious fan at a concert.  I went and got the album – and was a little disappointed, as they really cut down the song I was most originally interested in!  While the album was solid in and of itself, this felt like a weak link, further exploited by the fact that there was a second album, tied directly to the movie, that has the right version of the song.  The song was dropped from the original album, but tied back to the film and live show.

If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s a staple of the classic rock era, and as relevant today as it was in its release – if not more so.  The live version, sad to say, is NOT from the original concerts released for either the film or album.  It’s from 2010.

(If these videos are no longer playable, please let me know – neither of these are, as far as I am aware, being hosted or posted by Pink Floyd themselves.)

(Edited on June 19, 2014 at 4:45 for continuity errors.)



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