Song of the Day – Queen, “Innuendo”

Welcome to Song of the Day, where I talk about music I am thinking of, that’s important to me, and that I feel you’ll enjoy.  When possible, I’ll try to include stuff from the original source material, though in some cases you’ll have to do without – nothing I post on here should break copyright laws, unless the source I pull from is not, in fact, the legal source.

The first song I’m choosing is a personal favorite.  I was in 9th grade and had this awesome math teacher named Mr. Eckert.  Around this time there had been a Queen revival, thanks in no small part to the movie “Wayne’s World,” which rereleased the ever-famous classic “Bohemian Rhapsody.”   Unfortunately, this, along with the album this song titles, came out shortly before the lead singer of Queen, Freddy Mercury, passed away, and in his honor, as a way to raise funds for AIDS research, they held a televised concert in Wembley Stadium – which broadcast 1 hour on Fox and most of the full show on MTV in America as “A Concert for Life.”  Because so many of my favorite bands – Metallica, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Def Leppard, and Extreme, along with artists that would help to shape my adult years like David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Elton john and George Micheal – were joining the band to sing many of their classic songs, I got to experience many of their songs in a way that made them cool and interesting to me.  I really wish I could have been there to watch it live – granted, as I would learn in later years, none of the performances would live up to the musicianship and showmanship of Freddy, but it’s rare that any musician gets the kind of sendoff that he received.

I don’t know if my teacher had ever seen them, but he knew I was a fan, so as a gift he gave me a copy of “Innuendo” on CD and either “Queen” or “Queen II” on cassette.  (I don’t remember because, unfortunately, I got rid of my cassettes years ago – and have regretted it since.)   Two of the tracks stand out still, even today – this was one of them.

During the concert that I videotaped (I had previous obligations that day), this song was performed, with some Led Zeppelin and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” by Robert Plant.  While not his best performance – you could tell where he really flubbed the lines to the song – It still has much of that royal, imperial feel and grandeur of the original song, and when paired with the other Zeppelin parts and “Crazy,” is almost otherworldly.  It’s a shame the song was never put on the DVD years later.


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