Facebook repost 12/22/12 – WE LIVE! WE LIVE! (Should we?)

So, here we are, and every part of the world is now officially on or past the 22nd, and we now know that, whether we misinterpreted the markings, someones translation was off, or the stone carver felt they had done enough, the apocalypse prediction was wrong and nothing major really happened.  I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing…

Two things nationally have me angry.  The first is major media news, whom I think have finally come to a point of desensitized that the shooting I relinked from Jenn earlier was, more or less, glossed over while an organization spewing the same rhetoric they’ve always spewed gets all of the attention.  I would think a person who tried pulling off another mass-killing would have more attention, but I guess we’re going to compare numbers and 3 people dead does not compare to 26.  I think we’ve forgotten the value of life altogether.

The other thing is our elected officials – not just our president, but both sides of congress as well – having had all of this time since the election to come to terms and work out an agreement on our budget, yet are at their homes, divided by party politics, and set on screwing all Americans monetarily once again.  I think all of their jobs should be put on the line, and if they can’t come up with a resolution by New Years Day, they should be fired – every single one of them – for not doing the job we elected them to.  I wonder how serious they’d take their jobs if they faced what the poor and jobless face everyday.

All of this does tie in together:  a worry that I have.  I wonder, with all of the jokes we cracked about how the Mayans were wrong, if we’re going to go back to our ordinary lives, forgetting that we should be living every day like as if the world will end tomorrow.  I wonder if we’re so desensitized by the media and the government that we have a statistical and monetary value for something that should be priceless and cherished.  I wonder how many of us aren’t that desensitized already…

Okay, off my soap box – for now…


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