Social Repost 12/13/12

From Facebook:

“It’s not often where something I work on takes a drastically different view as a result of something I experience that makes me rethink what I am doing, but I had that this morning. I was sitting at another restaurant after everyone left the Garden this morning, and they had a magazine rack full of older magazines. (I think the newest one was a “Time” magazine featuring Paul Ryan that came out between the first and second debates.) One of these magazines was a “Writer’s Journal” that came out in 1999, which had an interview with Aaron Sorkin and “Horror Writing.” As I read some of the articles – about using external editing services and getting published, a thought hit my head like a ton of bricks: back when this article came out, and for some time after that, back when I was more focused on writing a book, I would have scoffed and ignored some of these ideas – why pay for someone to edit your book when you can do it yourself? Why take the time to listen to an editor who rejects you?

While it reminds me of my hatred with companies who simply send an email saying “Sorry, but we found someone who is better than you” (I realize it’s hard when you have thousands of applications), It also reminded me of how, in spite of the best intentions, I often fail to listen to what is being said. A few years ago, I might have been the guy used as an example in one of the articles about using an external editing service – now, I can see some real value in said service, and it gives me a few ideas.

It’s interesting what age and experience will do for a person’s perspective.”

I’m also on Meetme, formerly MyYearbook, a site that seems to be more and more dedicated to social dating than to friends anymore.  I often enjoy doing random questions, and though I ask others to question me, I hardly get any responses.  Lately, people have been unfriending and blocking me, calling me “negative” and “whiny.”  Because they limit their status updates to 140 characters or less (The same as Twitter, inconveniently), you’re often forced to write in one of two ways:  either you type it in ghetto/texting slang (“BCas U luv me”, for example), or you use the comments area for anything deeper or more wordy.  Hence, this copy over is in two parts.

First, the status:

“A part of me is a little disappointed that people are leaving me on here because I admit to being human. Their loss.”

Second, the first comment:

“If you can’t handle me when I am low, when I am depressed, when the shit hits the fan and when everything is murky, then why should I care about you when life is good and everything’s going in the right direction? Everyone has mood swings, everyone has off days, and not everyone handles it the same way. I have no problem coming to the aid of a friend when they’re down (when I know about it), and I try to avoid judging others. If you can’t handle it, if your view of how negative or positive I am is more important than a true friend who’s learned (the hard way) the value of the truth in a relationship, then I hope the door smacks your head on the way out – I can’t help it if you choose to be wrong.

OK, done with my rant – sorry for being so “whiny”…”

Chances are good I’ll lose more “friends” on this site before all is said and done, but if it means finding a few more people online who have more of a genuine interest in me than a bunch of people who have no respect for who I am or what I want to be or do, so be it.  I only came back to that site for the fun of it, not to play childish games.


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