Facebook Repost 12/02/12

I realize most of you won’t care, but I’m reposting this so there’s record of it. I just sent a message to Mr. Zuckerburg with a couple of suggestions I’ve talked about on here. Enjoy!

Two suggestions, both that I hope you read.

1.) An actual, clearly-defined spot to suggest improvements – the reason I am messaging you directly is the last time I looked, I couldn’t find this. I know how busy you have to be to run your company, and for the most part the ideas and suggestions I have would be better handled by someone who’s paid to have the time to sit, look at ideas, decide what’s worth looking into, and going forward with it. (BTW, thank you for reading this!)

2.) Topic-based blocking – When things and events trend in the news or happen in the world, they have a tendency to clog FB news feeds. Sometimes it’s very good and very important – the riots in Egypt, earthquakes on the west coast and the recent Hurricane Sandy stuff being a prime example of VERY Important. On the other side of the coin are the topics of varying importance – things like religious postings, elections, Black Friday, or Football on Sunday, which can range from very important to some people to unimportant to others. It’s easy to block certain topic sites, but as far as I can tell no real way short of blocking people to block topics you’d rather not see on here.

The solution I have to suggest is topic-based blocking. For example, Let’s pretend that you were an Obama fan and sick of everyone posting Romney nonsense. You could go through and block every site posting Republican-leaning comments and postings, but then you still have individuals who are strictly Republican-only. Likewise, you could block them, but unless you were strictly Democrat-only, you’d probably miss a few of your less-informed friends.

If there were a way to block by topic, however, it would solve the problem. That way, you can ignore anything your friends post that is politically-or-Republican-based, without missing out on important information such as a death in someone’s family or someone becoming pregnant. Don’t like football? Your sundays and mondays might be bare on FB, but you’re not going to miss your friend’s promotion or your sister getting fired.

I don’t imagine this would be easy to set up – after all, it’d be an additional database to filter out messages, and you’d have some that slip through because that one friend complains about something without mentioning anything specifically republican or democrat, or miss an important message about going to see the president because it mentions Romney in some bash. As far as a user-thing, though, I think it’d be very easy: Click in the area where we’d block postings and select “Block topic”, which in turn brings up a box that brings up everything both specific and generalized to said topic. You could choose to block anything Romney-specific, go higher and block anything Republican-specific, or go higher than that and block Politics all-together. Likewise, you could block anything not news-specific – for example, all comments bashing or supporting Romney, while keeping news that’s relevant to the election such as him tripping, falling face-first to the ground, and having to go and get stitches.

(My apologies for all of the Romney-bashing, BTW – I’m only trying to illustrate an example.)

Thank you for your time, and I hope you implement both of my suggestions.

– Wayne Winquist


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