Facebook Repost 2/15/12

A couple of thoughts I posted earlier today that I thought were worth adding here.

First, as a response to the existence of God – Something about “God Does Not Exist” irks me on a technical level.  Many things don’t exist:  Jedi’s, Klingon’s, Cave Trolls, and zombies, just to name a few.  That said, we have a definition for what we are, just in case we come across the representation of that idea in real life.  If we don’t have the definition, how can we have the word?

“You know that moment where you realize you had a perfect argument to something? I just had it on a friend’s comment a minute ago.

The proof of existence lies in the ability to define what it is that you’re questioning. This is especially true in that which we can not see, feel, taste, or otherwise experience in our own limited senses – ghosts, angels, demons, and God. Without definition, there is no word, at most just a sound – something that would not make sense otherwise.

Obviously, this is not acceptable to someone who believes in God, Jesus, Allah, or any other higher power – but you have to remember what the argument your making is. If you want to win said argument, you have to hit at the most fundamental level – that is, at the smallest argument possible: His existence.

Likewise – and this is where those who say “God does not exist” lose by default – is you have to prove that God does not have a definition, and that the idea of a higher being does not exist either. The reason you lose is is two-fold: If people did not believe in any sort of higher power, the idea would truly not exist – which makes the argument null and void, since without the definable object there to debate, how could you possible word said idea? Second, too many people, even those who do not believe in the higher power, need the word or idea to define what it is they do not believe in.

Therefore, God Exists, Atheists lose the very first basic argument, try again. “My God’s not dead, he’s surely alive…”

Enough said.

The second one was posted earlier.  A friend of mine suggested I try listening to positive radio, christian music.  While I’ve grown out of the radio – If I listen to something, I’ve burned it onto CD or put it onto an iPod – she had a really good point, echoed in a subsequent sermon and by a few other friends more than a few times.  It’s easy to dismiss the power of simple positive thinking because we can never get rid of the bad in our lives – people will still die, accidents and mistakes will happen, disasters come up, regardless of how others around you view the world.

There will always be unapproachables in life, things beyond our control.  What we have to remember is how we approach those.  Much of why the last few days have been so great is due to that friend helping lift some of the burden I’ve been carrying in my life, and helping me through my life.  If it wasn’t for this, yesterday would have been unbearable – after all, I haven’t forgotten my ex yet.

“One more thing, while I am thinking about it: We are in complete control of our own outlooks on life. We decide how we see each other, and how others see us. Even more important, we decide how we see ourselves. I’m saying this because there’s an awful lot of “jokes” that aren’t jokes and aren’t funny, an awful lot of criticisms that “mean nothing,” and an awful lot of “meaningless” complaining. We don’t have to like or enjoy the things or people around us, but we should be respectful to each other, and to ourselves – calling ourselves “idiots” for making a mistake is just as bad as someone else calling us that.

I say this with full experience: So many of my failures stem from putting myself down and not believing in what I can or can not accomplish. I’m not saying that there weren’t other factors involved, but the belief in the ability to do something greatly determines what you can or can not do.

Part of that great feeling I’ve been having is that feeling I haven’t had in a long time, of the belief that I can do something, that I can make a difference. While part of that is due to a stronger belief, faith and trust in God, Part of it stems from this realization. I’ll leave you to your own religious beliefs – I’d rather you be happy and healthy than leading your own path of destruction, as I am climbing out of.

Off to get some food, and home to get some rest…. See y’all later.”

Try it.  Trust me – your problems won’t go away on their own, but they’ll become more manageable, and as a result, a little easier.

As you may have noticed, I have a new Category:  Social Reposts.  I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and MyYearbook, to name a few.  Sometimes I post these few gems, and forget to blog them for later record.  Now, when I put up something good, I’ll add it here for future reflection.  Here you go.  🙂


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