Valentine’s Day Reposting… (From Facebook)

I posted this earlier today on Facebook, and I figured it was worth reposting here.

I hope those of you lucky enough to be with someone are showing their appreciation and love for each other in every way possible.  For those of you not so lucky to be with anyone this year, I hope you will keep your hearts open and appreciate what this day has for you.  I miss not having my ex in my life (and I wish her the best), but I really had an awesome day in spite of not having a person the…re for me.  I don’t believe everyone is going to find their soul mates, but I do believe you’ll never find them by keeping your hearts closed.
I see people saying how this is a manufactured holiday – I can only think of two that aren’t.  Does the fact that someone created that holiday really matter?  I think the meanings are more important – that we celebrate our freedoms and independence on the Fourth of July, that we give thanks for another year on ThanksGiving and New Years Day, and that we appreciate and love our significant other, no matter whether they’re husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, or special booty call on Valentine’s Day.  (Ok, so I’m not a perfect romantic  :P)
What this day means is up to you, not to a card company or a government mandate. I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine’s day, and remember to show that appreciation to someone special.  🙂



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