Summer Trip 2012

Life has been picking up and getting good.  I’m finally coming out of a miserable slope in my life and things are looking up.  (Thanks to my friends, among them my School and church friend Angie and her family, former coworkers Bill and Mandy, my good friends back at work – all of them, even the oddball ones, my wonderful friends on FB, and the parts of my family that still care!)  Ideas are flowing, and things are happening.  One idea happens to stand out as something to do this summer.

I’ve never really taken any adventures.  I’ve done a few things on my own, been to concerts and such, but I’ve never really given myself a vacation or explored much beyond my own comfort zone alone.  I’m not saying my life’s been bad because of this, but it has left me longing for more.

One thing that has crossed my mind a lot, as of late, is a desire to take some time just to myself, to go explore and see some awesome sites, to find myself without my creature comforts of TV, internet, and computers, to figure out who I am on the inside.

I’m thinking of taking 2 weeks, around my birthday, to travel to a few campsites and explore a few things.  This will be a road trip, with one day of travel followed by two-three days of communing, returning home at some point.

I’d love to hear ideas, suggestions and comments.  Thanks!


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