Thought For the Week postponed a day; Important Message

My apologies, I’ve been having a few network issues this week and had a lot of things on my mind, so I won’t have my “Thought” until tomorrow or Tuesday.  (So much for keeping on top of this!)

In the mean time, and this will relate to the topic tomorrow night, I have a couple of things.

First is a poem written by someone whose message rang true for me this week.  If I had seen this last year with the mindset I have right now, I’d be happily married, employed, and in much better financial strength.  (As they say, Hindsight is always 20/20.)  If your relationship or marriage is failing, or if you’ve been in and out of them, you need to listen to what he says.  (For those who aren’t Christian, the messages he says are still important enough to hear – you may need to apply it to your religion, if you have one, but the basic message underneath is still the same.)

The second one, which also ties in this week, is a public service announcement.  Most of you who read this know of my issues with my father, and I have forgiven him for his mistakes.  That said, I can’t endorse someone who has molested his kids, nor can I support deadbeat dads – very much against those sort of things.  So for those of you who live near or in Beloit, Wisconsin, avoid doing any business with 1st Entertainment Services, where he goes by the name Madman John Stevens.  If you know of a way to make him accountable for the back child support he owes, I’m fine with you going after him.  (As I said before, I have forgiven him, and I don’t want his money anymore.  I just think some actions are a little too despicable to just do nothing, and while I wash my hands of his fate, I have no problem passing on the information to others.)

Tomorrow all of this and how it ties together will be revealed.  I hope you will be patient and wait until then.  Thanks again for reading.


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