First real post of 2012, First glimpse into where I am going and what I need…

First of all:  If you’ve been following the drama that is my current state of life, you’ll be glad to hear that I am alive.  (My apologies for making it such a drama – I’ve had a bad tendency to live my life by my emotions and not always by logic.)

For those who care:  Thank You.

My timing will be limited online, since I no longer have my own home for internet access.  If you want to contact me, you can find me on Facebook – my contact info is there.

The list of priorities is a little weird at the moment – Most people would be thinking “Food and Shelter” should be first, and quite frankly they’re right.  If I were still in Oregon, this would hold true; however, if I have to, I can stay and eat at the Rescue Mission in Rockford – not the most ideal solution, but enough for me to focus on getting myself out of this mess.  First priority, therefore, is to salvage what I do have first, so that my problems do not get worse.

I am near $450 overdrawn in my bank, and it’s been over the 30 day allowance.  If I do not resolve this in two days, I lose my checking account – meaning payments will take longer, I’ll have to do more to get things back to normal, etc.  Being in Oregon without legal transportation left me at home, just as being in Rockford with no car.  Being back up here opens a few doors – I need a way to buy more time.

In addition, I need money back on my phone, so that I can fight this second appeal CAT has filed against their ruling.  I’m not about to lose my phone – I have until the 26th to keep the number – but I need to have this resolved by the 10th to do something about it.  (The CAT appeal is the 11th, next Tuesday.)

Speaking of which, the biggest thing I will need is some legal advice in terms of how to win my next appeal – if I lose it next time, I lose the unemployment owed to me since Mid-November.  Job hunting will be the biggest thing I will be doing outside of plugging holes in my life this week.  I’m not doing it to replace Lifetouch; at this point, I’m better off going back for another season.  I’m doing what I have to do to make sure I get what really is owed to me.

As soon as things normalize, and I have enough of my life in order, I will be organizing a couple of weekly things.  The first is a meeting with like-minded people who want to improve their life doing whatever they can – I’m done letting my life spin out of control, and I’m done feeling sorry for, disappointment in, and shame for myself, and I want more for my life than what I’ve let myself have.  The second thing is more of a fun-based thing – I want to separate myself from the computer, and I want to learn to actually live life.  This time, though, I’m not putting it on you to push me into it – I want to hang out with you, find fun for myself, and find like-minded people who enjoy what I enjoy.  Any volunteers?

Whatever happens, understand this:  As bad as it is for me right now, things could be far worse.  I’m done lying down, and I’m not dead yet – which means I can change and improve my situation.  Keep your eyes  open – I’ll keep you updated.

Oh, and Happy New Year, everyone!


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