I Will Be Homeless Once Again

Update 12/23:  The official letter came today, and with it, my hope is gone.  According to 820 ILCS 405/500C, I am not able or available for work due to not having a working licensed vehicle, and have not demonstrated such ability.  I am the phone in a last-ditch effort to change this; however, another appeal would take 4-6 weeks – I’ll be evicted before then.  As such, everything is official.

Most of you will be unwrapping presents, eating holiday dinner and generally celebrating Jesus’s birth and time with their families come Christmas Day.  I will be boxing items and preparing to move out, if the letter today is any indication of what happened on Tuesday.

So, for those not in the know:  At the end of August, the day before I was dumped, I accepted a position at Caterpillar in Aurora, IL, about 70 miles away from me.  Everyday was around a 2 hour commute one way, or 4 hours on the road.  In October, I exchanged my car with one my family had found for me, on which I owe money still, on the basis that it would not die on me while I was commuting.

At the beginning of November, while I was on my way to work, the engine blew up.  With no one I could call on – the only person who lives near me and works at the factory is not only connected to my ex, but also works different hours from myself – I was terminated while waiting for my vehicle to be fixed.

The last month and a half has been a struggle as I try to regain unemployment, which was denied for me because of my vehicle being broken for a while.  (It has since been repaired; however, without the money to renew my insurance or get a new sticker on my car, it still sits.)

The letter I received today was an explanation saying that I was still ineligible for unemployment, on the basis of availability.  This was contested on Tuesday, with an appeals hearing over the phone.  While it could have been sent prior to determination, the fact of the matter is that the lady told me things would get determined by today – and no money has been deposited in my bank.

So, as of December 31st, 2011, barring some sort of miracle, I will be homeless once again.

I will probably lose internet access before then, due to Comcast needing to be paid, so I may not be able to update this prior to eviction.  I will be selling and getting rid of a few things, but for the most part, I’ve given up.  The last half of this year has been nothing but pain and hurt, and while I acknowledge that it was my irresponsibility and immaturity that cost me my wife and bride to be, my job and my home, that knowledge does not ease any of how I feel – in some ways, it makes it worse, knowing that all of this could have been prevented.

I will try to post updates as they become available – I will need help moving and storing my stuff, and will especially need help with living arrangements.  If this changes I will let you know as soon as I can.  Keep an eye on Facebook for all updates.  Thank you.

Wayne C. Winquist

P.S. There are certain people I will refuse to accept any help from – I will not name them, only that I have my reasons.


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