The List: What I Want In A President

A lot of the changes I want to make in 2012 only involve myself in how I care for myself and others around me.  One of those changes, however, is a desire to become more worldly, more involved in the world around me, more involved in the things beyond my own life.   Some of my past mistakes that have come back to haunt me now involve the government, in elected officials and how their choices affect me now.

The big things in the news right now is the Occupy movement and the race for the next President.  While I am trying to understand what the movement is about, I understand what has happened to our country the last 4 years and have seen how it has affected me.  For the most part, I don’t regret having voted Obama in 2008 – while I know McCain would not have made the same mistakes Obama has in this term, the way the Republican Party and his campaign was falling apart in the final weeks leave me to believe the mistakes would have been, at best, of a similar scope – and, more likely than not, worse.  Neither of the main candidates had the leadership skills needed to lead our country out of the crisis it was going to face, and they were the ones I felt out of all the independents and other candidates to have the best chance.

Although Obama did do a few things to benefit me, he ultimately did not keep his word of change and has failed in his role of leader.  The only way he will have my vote this time is if none of the other candidates for President prove themselves to be better and more capable than him.  I’ve never been a person who voted by party, making my choices based on how who I felt the best candidate would be.  That said, I’ve never fully been specific about what I will look for.

Until now.

If you’re going to earn my vote and replace Obama in the White House, You need to do these things:

  • You need to be a strong leader, not just through the presidential campaign – There were two big reasons why Obama got my vote a few years back.  First, there was real dissatisfaction with the idiot president that I did not vote for in the first place – most of those years were spent on a downhill slide in my life.  The second, which pertains most in terms of what they can control, is the letdown of the McCain campaign, with all of the infighting and bickering between McCain’s and Palin’s camps.  Obama’s biggest disappointment has been in his leadership abilities – I’m still waiting for that change he promised.  I can’t fault him for the bad economy, but I can fault him for us still being in this mess.
  • You must not have a prepaid agaenda – earlier today I read about the person who lobbied for the SOPA bill currently running through Congress.  Not surprisingly, the major backer of campaign contributions is the TV/Music/movie industry that wants the law passed – and who wants to screw up our internet in the process.  A couple of years ago there was a big stink about requiring all of us to have health insurance – I have to wonder if the insurance companies didn’t have Obama on the payroll now.  (Wish I had paid more attention to that!)   I can support someone whose agenda is their own – not who someone else is paying for.  I don’t want my laws dictated by a bunch of business people anymore.
  • You must keep an open mind on all areas – Every single candidate I’ve seen so far is either one way or another, fully solid with their choices and directions.  I don’t want that, because a lot of those choices are so closed-minded that there is no room to make something work.  I’m not saying we should not decide on anything, but whoever gets elected will have to be able to listen to someone who opposes him or her in an idea or thought, and, when valid, should be able to push for the necessary allowances needed.  Granted, I know the president has limited power – they can’t fully make any lows on their own – but they do have heavy influence on those around them, which makes being open-minded  extremely important.
  • You need to have some business skills – This might sound ridiculous, but if Bill Gates were to run for president today, I’d give him a serious nod.  we have a huge amount of debt on our shoulder, and the biggest thing that has to change is how money is being spent and made.  There’s a reason why Steve Jobs would have received my vote had ran, and why I am all for Donald Trump running – these guys have made a success out of their businesses.  We now compete on a global scale against countries who are beating us financially, and we need to change that.
  • Finally, you need to prove to me that you can win – There were people in the last presidential race who were more closely aligned with my thoughts than Obama or McCain.  The reason why I didn’t waste my vote on them is that I didn’t feel confident in either their ability to win or their ability to keep their promise once elected.  We complain all of the time about the top two parties – The Republicans and The Democrats – but the one thing they have over anyone else is a strong group backing them.  Both have strong people who can influence the powers that be in their respected part of congress and whose influence can help shape and change the laws.  That’s something the Green/Tea/independent parties don’t have.  I’ll make a few exceptions, but I have to see that those exceptions will be worth it.

I doubt my vote will influence much – I’m a nobody and a loser right now, rightfully .  The reason I should be taken seriously is not because of what I am now, but because of what I can and will become, should I remain alive.   I’m not going to list particulars because I can see arguments on both sides.  What’s important is getting everyone on the same page and in the right direction, moving forward instead of backwards, up instead of down, no matter what their interests – political, religious, or otherwise – may be.  I hope others will adopt this, though – we’re wasting too much time on the little problems of the world and not enough on the big problems of our country.



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