Growing up with your blog…

Earlier this week (On November 9th, 2010), I closed off access to this site.  Don’t worry, I’ve not gotten any virus or bugs, I’ve just been having a conscience – and some thoughts on what i will be doing with this site.

The problem with having a blog is that people can and will read what they want to – which means that you have to be careful what you do say, no matter if it’s about a person or company, an ideal, or any other group or organizations.  You never know who may read it – and it may come back to bite you later.

My GF’s younger brother came to the site to read some of what I wrote.  (By read, I more or less mean “Scan the first few lines, then make fun of them.”)  Of course, I didn’t find out until after he did it.  I also found out someone did a search on my GF – something uncool with me.

So, in the best interests of everyone, I scanned through some of what I had, searching for indicators of her in the listing.  While I was lucky not to have made too many connections with said search, in reading what I wrote, I came to a discovery:  I was embarrassed by it.

Don’t get me wrong, my attitude on whether or not to leave it still stands:  Like it or not, these things I wrote are – at the times I wrote them – a part of who I was.  That said, I could see how others might have been turned away from me, or got sick of me repeating the same-old-drivel.  I can see the lame person I once was, and how some things have controlled my life that should never have been there.

People change, sometimes for the worse, hopefully for the better.  I feel I have changed enough that those who know me will know that some of what I said is no longer valid or true anymore, and more importantly, is not the person I am today.  That said, it’s easy to tell someone that you’ve changed – it’s harder to show it, which is what I think I’ll have to do before you are able to read this.


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