Post-Halloween Thoughts: The 5 types of monsters most likely to be real

Okay, so Halloween is over, I’m still watching Halloween stuff, and SB’s in bed asleep.  Today – November 1st – is National Novel Writing Month (If you’re up to it, it’s at  I’ve been wrestling with two big problems with my stories:  dialogue that doesn’t sound like 2 retards talking, and villains that equal to my heroes.  For the story I have in mind, I want to return to some of my favorite monsters and see what I can do with it.

But which ones could be real?  Obviously, we’re not going to be seeing Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees outside of a TV or Movie Screen anytime soon, but what of some of our other monsters?

So I need to make one rule clear for this:  No REAL monsters – in other words, No serial killers, child molesters, rapists, or terrorists.  The idea is not to make the reader believe in something that is already real, and we have enough real-life Jigsaw’s, Hannibal Lecters, and other famous killers.  I’m not going to talk about what is, but what could be, how likely we can see this type of monster in real life, and how afraid we should be if it should happen.  Feel free to disagree with me if you like – I’m sure if you do your homework you can find plenty of examples of how wrong I am.  I’m only going on what I know, what I’ve read or watched, and what I think.

  1. Zombies
    • Possibility: 75%
    • Examples: Night Of The Living Dead (and series), Resident Evil (series), 28 Days Later (series)
    • Reason: Unfortunately, science has a lot to do with this.  A virus could easily both kill its host and take over its body – especially if enough of it overtook the host body.   (More likely than not, it’d have to hit the brain for it to be effective – after all, that’d be the part which controls our motor functions, necessary to take us over.)  With human’s desire to become immortal and fight disease, a virus that did this could easily be made, should they decide to do so.  Perfect?  No, but none of these really are.
  2. Frankenstein
    • Possibility: 72%
    • Examples: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
    • Reason: Reanimating body parts?  Probably the only one here that doesn’t involve a virus, and even then, we’re still in the need for a lot more work.  That said, the root of this – donated body parts and artificial body parts – are probably going to change that, especially as we learn how to make the different sets of nerves and artificial parts together.  Not an overnight process, but if someone was entrepreneurial/sick/crazy enough to do it, we’lll see him among the first.
  3. Vampires
    • Possibility: 70%
    • Examples: Blade (series), The Vampire Chronicles (series), Underworld (series)
    • Reason: Like Zombies, body fluid transfer would dictate the how, with the focus and activity on the body and not the mind.  I’d probably rule out a few things, though:  They’d be daywalkers (Might be the only part the Twilighters get right!), and garlic and symbols would be ineffective.  That, essentially, makes them intelligent Zombies – still undead, but without the loss of braincells.
  4. Werewolves
    • Possibility: 55%
    • Examples: Underworld (series)
    • Reason: See my last thoughts, just replace the conventions of vampires with those of werewolves.
  5. Immortals
    • Possibility: 25%
    • Examples: Halloween (series), Friday the 13th
    • Reason: How can I say that Micheal Myers could possibly happen?  Apart from the emotionless killings some serial killers have done, this one is due to his knack for coming while having the stuffing knocked out of him.  This is also why we’re not counting the Highlander series here, and why we have a few Superheroes and Villains:  the much-rumored super-soldier virus, which most likely would also cause the other types of monsters.

So what do you think? Post below.


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