Five Sci-Fi Marvels I’d Like To See Come To Life…

Has anyone seen the latest issue of CPU magazine? This one has to be one of the coolest yet, in terms of articles about new technology: They break down Surface, Microsoft’s nice new tabletop computing technology, and Intel’s new technology to boost the resolution and improve the quality of video. One of these, however, disturbed me: an organization started by a college student in Japan is developing technology to allow users to be able to grab 3D virtual objects. Yes, I’d be lying if I didn’t see some coolness in it (such as grabbing a unique weapon in a sci-fi game like HALO for which there is no real way to re-create), but it brings us disturbingly closer to a Matrix-like future.

It got me thinking, though, just what would really be cool to see in real life. So, I made a list of it.

  1. T-1000
    Movie(s): Terminator 2: Judgment Day

    Granted, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be on it’s shit list, but given what it could do, where it could go and what it was capable of, the number of uses for these cyborgs would make a lot of dangerous tasks less dangerous. (OK, so some things – particularly those involving either extreme temperatures or chemicals, may need to be worked out, but imagine using these instead of humans in a war!)

  2. tie: Warp Drive and Hyperdrive
    Movie(s): Star Trek and Star Wars series respectively.

    The one thing that has always stood out about sci-fi, to me, is its use of Space travel: visiting other planets and galaxies that we currently have no hope of seeing in our lifetime. How cool would that be?

    The reason for the tie should be obvious: Even though both technologies incorporate different methods, they both do the same task.

  3. Light Saber
    Movie(s): Star Wars saga

    Apart from the wicked-cool factor of being able to utilize a sword that you could put into your pocket when done, this would replace a lot of multi-tools on the market: figure out how to control length, and it could replace many knifes; changing the brightness of the light could make it more useful for candlelight. Need a lighter? Be careful not to hold it too close to the face! And of course, handy for making that new doorway or sunroof you always wanted!

  4. Holodeck
    Movie(s): Star Trek series

    The uses for a room, or series of rooms, capable of changing matter without harming a single person, is by far one of the most useful. Imagine one class in a university or college using it to plan out a trip to an otherwise-inaccessible realm of space, and the next class using it to explore ancient Rome as it was when it happened. Restaurants could be able to set multiple themes to its interior based on the time of day WITHOUT changing props or moving people away. Department stores could allow you to try on virtual representations of clothing you’d like to buy WITHOUT either undressing or even leaving the home! And for those of us fat-asses out there, imagine this: Going and working out without the risk of physical injury, then swimming in a virtual ocean occupied by harmless sea creatures, then – to top it off – eating a huge meal to which we really only get what we need – the rest of it is imaginary!

  5. The Jack
    Movie(s): The Matrix Trilogy

    Okay, so it’s hypocritical, but in this day and age where we need to know things now, the usefulness of this could have drastic repercussions on how we function as a society. Instead of going to school, we could have a graduates degree by the age of four, and teachers would only be needed to make sure they understand everything they learn. Want news, information, or other insight? Download it into the bran. The growth of useful technology would change so drastically that ideas we have yet to explore in any sci-fi book today would be capable within a few months or years. Just make sure to control the AI first!

So what are your ideas? What would you like to see developed?

By the way, if I don’t post again within the next few days, Happy Halloween!


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