A Lot to Say

A lot to say in a little time…

Hooters Night Cancellation:  Unfortunately, last night was the lowest I have felt in a couple of months – lower than that event, even.  To say it in simple terms, it was disgusting to be the only person to show up.  It may surprise some of you to learn that I was looking forward to seeing those that have recently been laid off, who have been both friend and allies for the year, some for the last time, but how can I see anyone if I am the only one there?  Needless to say, I text the few people who either might show up or could communicate to those who might be leaving that I left around 8 last night, when no one came at all.

So what about movie night?  That is also cancelled, but for different reasons.   I’ve finally seen a few Icehogs games – all of them the last three playoff games – and, truth be told, I’ve had a pretty darn good time.  Tonight is a celebration in Downtown that I plan to attend.  Even if I don’t, I have a lot on my plate, since I have a meeting with some of the higher-ups on Tuesday to prepare for.  Either way, there’s also a money problem, so I have to forgo tonight.

This will be the last event I post online, due to the dismal turnout and word I have gotten.  Simply put, unless it is business-related, there seems to be little interest in what I do.  I am not angry at those who voiced their problems and concerns to me, nor am I angry at those who I already knew could not make it; many of them would have been there if they could.  I’m not even angry at those who did not know, or those who I didn’t remind, since it ain’t their fault.  For those who did know, who did see and hear about the announcement plenty of times, who had access to the net, the two words I have aren’t worth the wasted breath – I know you’re ignoring me anyways.  I’m going to have to re-evaluate how much of a friend I feel you are and go from there.

Update on the insanity:  Next week I plan to post my first short story.  It is titled The Unwanted, and it explains the reason for the characters who will be showing up in my secret project as well as in Bruise when they are finished.  The story will be a first draft, so expect it to be updated on a regular basis.

Also, this is a call to my musician friends out there:  with me writing lyrics/poetry, I plan on doing an internet-only music project.  I’ve already asked one person to help, but I welcome anyone else who may be interested.  I’m looking to try doing a variety of styles, though the closest would probably to the rap-rock of Linkin Park and Korn.  If you’re interested, contact me.

Speaking of Linkin Park, finally got the new CD.  For those I have recently hurt, I would suggest listening to tracks 3 (“Leave Out All The Rest”) and the current single “What I’ve Done.”  For everyone else, I’m also digging into Tracks 2 and 4 (“Given Up” and “Bleed It Out”, very suicidal), tracks 7 and 8 (“Hands Held High” and “No More Sorrow”, both very political anti-war songs), and Track 10 (“In Between.”)  On a down note, this is WAY different from anything else they’ve done in the past, and I’ve already heard some people complain that they’ve gone soft.  (Personally, I can still relate to it – it’s why I like Metallica’s post-Black-Album stuff that everyone whined about.)  The only complaint I have is that they should have included a few of the demos – either as downloadables or as part of singles, or in place of a couple of their mellow songs – that have been performed, such as QWERTY (Behind the Lies.)  The album itself is too mellow, and I hope they make up for it in the future.  (Not that mellow is bad, but too much can really drag a mood down.)

Anyways, enough talk – gotta run.  More Later!


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