Down To One…

You ever get those bad feelings, those premonitions of something going horribly wrong soon?

Of and for the record, yes, I am related to the Winquist who passed away over the weekend – she is my other grandmother.  (My name is not listed because I was never acknowledged or accepted by any of my relatives on that side except for my half-siblings.)    Her death means that both of my Grandparents on my father’s side are deceased, as well as my grandmother on my mothers side.

Here’s some coincidence:  My grandmother on my mom’s side passed away in 2000.  If what I could dig up is correct, my grandfather on my father’s side passed away a year later.

Just a scary thought.

(And before anyone thinks I am going to get weepy-eyed and all sad, note what I said before:  the only family members on that side to accept me were my half-siblings.  The rest of that family – save my father – either is not aware of, or does not consider me to be, of their blood.  Since they don’t accept me, I don’t accept them.  In other words, I feel sorry and bad for my half-siblings, but the only feeling for her is a bitter coldness that came from her and my grandfather on that side shutting me out – I wish it could have worked out better than it had, and I wish they had accepted me, but that’s just the story of my life – right?)


2 thoughts on “Down To One…

  1. Just an update: John Sr., My grandfather on my father’s side, died December 15th, 2001. My grandmother, Catherine – aka Sally – Died on July 5th, 2000.

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