Good News, Bad News

Some good news, some bad news….

Good News:  My liver, the cause for concern from the doctor, is – at worst – fatty.  It does not have hep, it may have sclorosis from the fat buildup there, but at the moment the worst possible scenarios are out of the way.

Workout News:  I will be working out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until season is over.  Once it is over, I may go to a 6-day-a-week schedule at the Y.  Still could use workouty partners – and if you decide to join me, bring swim trunks/suit.

Bad News:  Due to Insight Communications being anal about their payment schewdule (I think they set it up purposely so that anyone who tries to keep honest is forced into their system or they pay penalties!), I will probably be without internet at home for a month.  Anyone who wants to catch m,e can look for me online Tuesdays and Thursday nights onlinew, or contact me through my cell phone or AIM.  I would expect to be dead, as well as possibly (which logs in from the email address just mentioned), but I will know more when I speak to them next.  Because of dates around which my modem fried out, I plan to dispute certain charges and, if necessary, seek legal help.

More as things develop!  WW


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