Doctor Update – February 27th

An update before I have to get ready for work.

Doctor’s appointment went ok – didn’t get to see him until 4:30, but it was well worth the wait. My blood pressure readings were 172/104 and 170/120. (Normal range, for those without blood pressure problems, ranges between 120/80 and 140/90, and the bottom number – the Diastolic – being the more important of the two, although both are very high.) I knew it’d be unusually high, with me being up from 11p the night before on, and drinking the excessive amount of caffeine I had, but that’s WAY TOO HIGH.

Since I asked about Diabetes (It runs in the family, so I have to get it checked), they did a blood sugar test – aka the “You-don’t-know-how-much-an-ordinary-pinprick-can-hurt-a-finger” test, and it came up as 98. Normal range is between 80-120 after 4 hours after you eat, so this is a good sign I don’t have it yet. (Had I thought to fast, I might have been able to do the Lab yesterday.)

None of the 5 psychological checks/questions I asked were able to be doneor answered, due to what Crusaders is capable of. (Anyone know any good psychiatrists that take BCBS? Let me know!) As for my feet pain, hopefully that’ll get checked next visit. (Or go away – I’d really like that!)

The thing troubling me right now is something the doctor found while checking me yesterday – he said I had an enlarged liver. As most people are probably aware, the most common thing associated with the Liver is alcoholism – Usually when someone dies from alcohol in a non-accident way, it’s because they literally poisoned their liver. Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely have a drink, usually max at 2 (which, for someone my size with the amount I drink at a given time, would not get me buzzed let alone drunk), and that there’s only one time – A coworker’s bash a few years back – where I did more than that and still wasn’t drunk. (Four 12-14 oz – that’s what I am guessing, probably less – beers in a nine-hour period – 5:30 to 2 – is nowhere near enough to be drunk, either.) For there to be a liver problem when I’ve been anal-retentive about how much alcohol I consume is scarier than beng an ordinary drunk – because you don’t know where it came from.

Next Wednesday I have to fast all day to take a blood test that evening. it’s supposed to check all of the stuff, and thanks to this liver thing the doc found, tell me what’s up there. Hopefully this panic is for nothing, because I’d really like to open myself up more -something I can’t do if, say, I have Hepatitis, for example. Anyways, got to get dressed for work, so More Later!


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