Not-So-Random thoughts for Saturday, January 20th, 2007

The non-fat version. (A regular version is also available…)

Go Bears! In spite of the fact that every person I’ve run across has either said the bears are going to win for some stupid, BS reason, or are going to lose because either Rex Grossman sucks (no arguments there), the Saints are America’s team (another BS reason, IMHO), or the Saints are better, I still think the Bears are going to win that nice vacancy in the NFC for the Super Bowl. The main reason I have been arguing is records: The Bears simply have a better record than the Saints, and they have it because whenever one part of their team – usually the offense – fails, the defense and special teams pick up the slack.

A question crossed my mind, though: Is there some sort of statistic that we could use to compare the two? So I went snooping.

Common foes: both teams played and beat Green Bay, San Francisco, N.Y. Giants And Tampa Bay at least once. The interesting difference? The Divisional games. Green Bay and Chicago played twice, with each winning once. New Orleans beat the Tampa Bay both times they played, however. Point: New Orleans.

Snow: If New Orleans and Chicago both had domes, or if this game were held in New Orleans, snow would make little to no difference. Since we’re playing in the open confines of Soldier Field in chicago, however, and we have snow reportedly on the way as I type this, it’s going to play a huge factor in this game, no matter who wins. The only real comparison here is the fact that the Bears already have a win with the white stuff on the ground – New Orleans, as far as I could find, going back to the second week in October (our first snow storm here), has not played in the snow this year. The Bears had their snow win in the first week of December, handing the Vikings a 23-13 smackdown at Soldier Field. Point: Chicago.

Schedule Strength: The NFC conference, in general, is going to face a difficult task in beating their AFC rivals in the Super Bowl, no matter who wins. That said, a team who faces stronger opponents is generally going to be prepared for the challenge.

New Orleans beat Cleveland (4-12, AFC), Green Bay (8-8, NFC), Atlanta (7-9, NFC, Twice), Tampa Bay (4-12, NFC, Twice), Philadelphia (11-7, NFC, twice), San Francisco (7-9, NFC), Dallas (9-8, NFC), and NY Giants (8-9, NFC), and lost to Carolina (8-8, NFC, Twice), Baltimore (13-3, AFC), Pittsburgh (8-8, AFC), Cincinnati (8-8, AFC), and Washington (5-11, NFC). Their record against teams with 8 or more wins is 4 – 4, against losing teams is 7 – 2, and against AFC opponents is 1 – 3.

Chicago beat Green Bay (8-8, NFC), Detroit (3-13, NFC, Twice), Minnesota (6-10, NFC, Twice), Seattle (10-8, twice, once in Post Season), Buffalo (7-9, AFC), Arizona (5-11, NFC), San Francisco (7-9, NFC), NY Giants (8-9, NFC), NY Jets (10-6, AFC), St. Louis (8-8, NFC), and Tampa Bay (4-12, NFC), and lost to Miami (6-10, AFC), New England (12-4, AFC), and Green Bay (8-8, NFC). Their record against teams with 8 or more wins is 6 – 2, against losing teams is 8 – 1, and against AFC opponents is 2 – 2.

New Orleans has played more teams with a winning or tying record, but the bears beat them in these three categories. Point: Bears.

I’ll agree that, statistically, the saints have a better team on paper, with a comparable defense and a superb offense. Football is a rough-and-tough team sport, however, and the Bears have simply have more “unknown” (being that no one has thought to mention or question them, As far as I know) edges going into this game than the Saints. If I had money to bet, I’d be betting on Both teams, since each cancel the other out in one form or another, though more of it would be on the Bears than the Saints.

Why I am not dating: It seems people don’t understand still why I took myself off of the market. It’s not often, but when it happens, people still don’t understand it.

I consider myself sick, my obesity combined with my bad habits making myself a poor excuse of a man. (Spiritually, I am a god, but gods don’t inhabit weak bodies, do they?) Any disease could be considered contagious: What one won’t gain through actual contact with, or from, the disease itself, they will or could get from the habits of the person that has it. From what I have seen, couples generally share the same good and bad habits, and while they counterbalance each other in some ways, the effects of what one does or has affects the other.

Nature dictates this, and that’s why we’re attracted chemically to healthy, good looking people: the chemicals in our bodies tell us that those individuals would be great to have offspring with. Those of with stronger minds can both recognize this happening and put a block on it without thought, but many people are not like this. We can all recognize that we don’t want to be with a sick person just as much as most animals avoid sick or wounded animals.

Obesity is a disease, brought forth by the combination of genetics and bad habits. It could, in many ways, be considered a gateway disease, as it opens the door to diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc. Like most diseases, it is a difficult battle, and a lot do not win.

Unlike most diseases, however, it is curable, by changing the habits of our lives and by passing those good habits on. It may not be a pill or a shot, but it’s better than trying to fight cancer or diabetes.

I consider myself sick, and while I would love to have someone to fight with me, would love to have something more than myself to fight for, the truth of the matter is, most people I know have others to pass it onto – namely, kids. Kids are naturally going to get these habits from other sources besides their parents and step parents, but I choose not to be one of those sources. I don’t want to make someone else’s life miserable because my own sucks right now, and I don’t want their bad problems getting in the way of my problems. The only easy way to not hurt other people is to fight this on my own, and that means not dating.

If that is not clear enough for you to understand, if it is difficult for you to comprehend why I pulled myself away, understand this: I’ll be available soon enough. When I do become available, I’ll be somebody I think is worth taking risks over. I’ll be someone who has more to give than a voice, a stomach and a heart: I’ll be a full and complete human being. And if I don’t take care of this now, I never will.

There are very few people that I know of whom I’d consider dating because I think – or know – that they’d be able to stand by me, help me and not be much affected by the problems I face. I’m not even going to ask them, however, because I think it is more their choice than mine – I’ll be glad to have them along, but frankly, it’s my battle. If you can’t let me deal with it, leave me alone, because you won’t be helping me if you don’t.

Work, Week 2: I’m on the verge of quitting, of walking out and looking for new work. This past week, we found out – if I recall correctly, Monday night – that we have to come in early on Thursday for a meeting. Of course, they wanted us to work a 10-hour shift, and leave early Friday. Thankfully, it was not mandatory, and even though the early leave Friday was, I still was prepared.

This week, though, we learned on friday that we’d have to come in early on Wednesday. While not nearly as bad as the Thursday bit, once again I am left to figure out how I will make this work: They want everyone to come in at 2 p.m., and this one is mandatory. So, I have to exhaust myself for them to display a few videos that have repeatedly proven themselves to be good wastes of time.

For those who don’t know my schedule, I get up around 3-4 in the afternoon to get on a bus, either at 4:15 (for the East State) or 4:30 (for the Big Loop North), with a transfer onto Alpine North, which drops me at the bottom of Forest hills Court at 5:00 approximately. I work 5:30-2 during the week, with nothing sorted out for Fridays yet. (So far, I’ve been lucky enough to work enough hours early to make up the difference). Once I am off – be it at 2 or at 4, if I work a 10 – I kill time until about 4:30, if I am walking to Wal-Mart, or 6, if I am waiting for the Bus at Forest Hills Court. I take the Alpine South (which was Alpine North until it changed at Target on 173 at 15 after the hour), transfer onto the State Street bus at about a quarter to 7, and am in my apartment usually about 5 minutes after 7. If I am lucky, I hit the bed about 7:30 in the morning, get up once in between, and do it all over at about 3 in the afternoon. If I am not so lucky – often the case – It’s closer to 9, and I am lucky to wake up around 4.

I can make slight alterations, but the best I am going to do without either a ride or a taxi is to get home at a quarter to 7 – that’s by taking the Big Loop South bus from Wal-Mart on Alpine and Riverside, which I’d have to walk to at 4:30 in the morning. (Any earlier, and I have too much time to kill; any later, and I face morning traffic – which, at 5:30 in the morning, is when it gets bad.) As for taxi’s, they cost $14 usually, and the two friends I have within a reasonable enough distance for a ride have either shifting schedules or unpreventable illnesses.

In other words, I’m preparing to be complained about on wednesday, either because I stay until 9 to see these things on 3rd shift’s schedule, or because I no-show on the 2:00 one. (Either way, forget about me coming in at 2 : I don’t have enough taxi money to be in on time, and I’d be staying all night anyways.)

As for other things, the bitching has worsened. It seems a certain friend of mine on First shift has got it in his brain that he needs to be a double-agent, spying on second shift to stir the shit on first. This kid – who’s good enough, talent-wise, to be doing his own thing – does not seem to understand that we’re not here to play games. Needless to say, the majority of the complaints I have heard this week were about him. I am seriously contemplating a discussion on the fine art of shutting-the-fuck-up with him soon, in (obviously) nicer terms than I just implied.

(I may have no pull or lead, but there are other ways to get a person to quit.)

The radio thing actually improved this week – yes, a lot of it I disliked, but this is the first time where I’ve not heard country on a tuesday or 80’s in the mid week. Even better, there was new stuff: 90’s on Friday, which, like the 80’s and 70’s, is hit and miss, and R&B and adult contemporary. The nicest part: not having to hear as many complaints from my coworkers about the damn radio. (They were still there, however: I’m about to snap off on someone who seems to feel the need to bitch about the stuff I like when it is on!)

I am participating in the contest at work, and as such, I am shifting my weigh-in reports to Thursday.

Boil Order: unfortunately, after I finish this posting, I have to go to the store again. It seems earlier this afternoon there was water main break at Whitman and church – my area, funny enough. I hate downtown.

More later.


One thought on “Not-So-Random thoughts for Saturday, January 20th, 2007

  1. Just an update: My grandfather liked to talk about how the losing team got to go fishing. Looks like Saints could confirm whethr that’s true now, and the naysayers are wrong – Bears are going to be watching CBS tonight to see who their Bears play in the Super Bowl. Anyone have any party plans?

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