“I can’t get someone because I am fat” – what a load of S___!

Okay, someone needs to say this – might as well be the example of the obvious opposite. To every fat person – male or female – who says, “They go for the skinnier people,” Here’s a few thoughts.

First, most of the people who do this do it in the first 5-10 seconds they seee you. They do this blindly, because they believe only in what they see, and more often than not, they end up being unhappy with what they get. this is because they can’t see past their own eyes. Second, Most fat people I know who are still single are the exact same way. They won’t admit it – even to themselves – but they are. And – truth be told – so am I. (I’d say was, but I have no way to prove that.) Third – and, again, this is based on my own experiences – those who do put up these excuses tend to have little to no success in relationships.

I get criticized constantly for not looking, for not going out and finding someone. Do you think, if I actually did find someone, I would know what to do next? Do you think, if I had someone now, that it would be a lasting relationship? That’s just as much a load of shit as “I can’t get someone because I am fat.” At least I can say I am doing something, even if right now I am failing.


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