Not-So-Random Thoughts for January Third, 2007

You know it’s a good sign of a bad day when you wake up three hours after you go to bed with side pain. Needless to say, I’ll probably be at home tonight, after doing what I need to do. In the mean time, hope everyone had a good time on New Years, and that the transition back to normality has not been too rough. I spent New Years Eve at home alone, due to not wanting to call/ask anyone to go with me anyplace. (I guarantee: This won’t happen next year!) Anyways…

The Vacation Has To Come To An End: Some of you will have heard the news by the time this reaches the net, but for those who I know won’t, my unemployment statues ends on Monday. My job (yes, I have to revert to calling it that again) called me to come back to work this afternoon, just hours after disappointing a bus driver who’s also a friend of mine’s mother. (I get to ride tomorrow to apologize!) Much to do, much to do…

Contact information needed: I am STILL in need of that contact information from those who said yes – namely, a name and number. I need one guy and one girl. (I already have 2 of each, and the minimum is three for each.) I hope to get the tape out this weekend – I’m already late, and if I wait too much longer, they may not get it in time. Thanks!

Short Story This Weekend: I was hoping to be done with a short story this past weekend, it tying into the holiday and all. Complications and writers block – something I get when I put a deadline on myself and already have plenty of pressure from other things – ruined that. I’m hoping, if things change soon, that I can change that and get the story out this weekend.

Six Lessons and Stories from Last Year: Now that 2006 is over, I figured it’s a good time to reflect on things I either learned or were funny last year.

  1. Online dating just doesn’t work for me: It’s bad when I can count all of my dates on one hand. It’s even worse when all of them were this year! it sucks when most of the interesting people are outside of the area, the people that live near you that you are interested in aren’t interested in you, and those who are you scare away by doing stupid stuff! After I delete the accounts later on this year, I guarantee I won’t do online dating again. If I can’t meet with a person in person, it ain’t worth it.
  2. Sometimes you don’t realize what you miss until it is too late: I figured I’d be depressed if I went to the reunion this year, and that I didn’t belong. turns out I’d end up regretting not going too.
  3. Rest and relaxation is great – in small doses: before I was laid off, I was depressed, lonely, irritable, and stressed. After the lay-off, the stress is gone. I feel so ripped off!
  4. You don’t realize what you miss until you lose your chance: Two women one of which I didn’t think I’d like, one I was interested in – went out with me this year. The first, who hunted me out on a personals site, dumped me twice. The second one – who I met through someone on the same site – ended up going with a friend of mine instead. My losses.
  5. When you don’t want to do something, or have no time to do it, everyone else wants to make sure you’re miserable until you do; When you do want to do it, Said complainers throw every rock and then some in the way. (This is in reference to my frustrations this past month trying to clean my apartment.)
  6. Just because you’re prepared for something doesn’t mean you’re going to like or not hold feelings about it: I’ve known for the past couple of years that HQ was not impressed with me, in spite of what people who worked with me felt. I knew, if it came down to it, I’d be gone before a full-timer would be; yet, when I did get my walking papers, as relaxed and calm as I was, that feeling of disappointment was still there, not because i didn’t give my best, but because they failed to see what I was trying to give. I’ve already promised myself that, if I get laid off and I am healthy, I won’t be returning to work – the job insecurity is just as much a death trap as working 5/6 days a week.

Anyways, I started this after fully waking up, and I have stuff to do. Mo later!


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