Weight Loss Help

Current Weight: 424 lbs.
Goal: 400 lbs
By: Return to work.

Well, sometimes things don’t work out the way you want to. I was hoping to have my Biggest Loser App ready for the mail tomorrow, but right now I don’t have it. There’s still a shot – more in a minute – to get out on Saturday, but for the moment it’s not going to be mailed before the new year.

The plan is a 3-Step general process. Each step should be done, in order, so that you gain the skills of the previous step first. It is a general plan, in which could possibly be overlaid with other diet plans, so if you want to adopt it, here’s how to do it.

  1. Control – My biggest problem. How much you take in, as well, as controlling what you do. For example, I used to go to taco Bell, order a combo meal and 2 sides, eat for a couple of hours, then grab 2-3 more sides. I have eliminated the first 2 sides with the combo meal, and have tried – not fully successful, but better – to control how soon I eat the other 2 sides. By getting rid of the two sides with the combo, I only take in what I need at the moment.
  2. Activity – Once I have learned to control how much I need, I need to up the amount of energy I use. The simple formula for weight loss is how many calories you burn by how much you take in. If I take in 3000 calories, in order to lose weight I have to burn more than 3000 calories that day. the more calories I have stored, the more i have to burn off. The government recommends half an hour of physical activity a day – I’m shooting for double.
  3. Food – Once I have myself burning what I take in, and have my eating habits under control, it’s the food I take in that needs to be addressed. Obviously, If I burn 5000 calories in one day, and I take in 3000, I burn 2000 calories from my weight. What if that 3000 was 1800 or 1200? That’s an additional 1200 to 1800 calories I burn. If I recall correctly, 3500 calories is 1 lb of fat.

The bright side is, being as big as I am, I can possibly get by on the first two for a while – once the weight loss starts slowing down, I can focus more on the third thing. The one thing I have always been told is that for a diet to succeed, you have to learn how to live. This is how I feel I will get down to that point.

The biggest question I am getting asked is, “How Can I help?” While I thought I was pretty specific – show up for taping, send me contact info – there’s a lot more that could be done. I understood some of you wouldn’t be able to help – distance, time, etc – but some of you can help in more ways than that. Here’s some ideas.

  • Return The Contact Info – This is critical. The form specifically asks for names and phone numbers. (This is why I included the link to the website with the form – It’s on page 6 or 7.) It’s too late for tapings – I’m having so much trouble getting it under 5 minutes, and have no footage anyways, that there’s just no sense trying to get this issue across. (I may do a taping of me eating something nasty, and could use a camera operator there, but that’s it – other than my main speech on why I should be considered, there’s simply not going to be enough room for any extra.
  • Group Activities – A few of you have expressed that you want to lose some weight yourself. Cool beans. I could always use a person to walk with me, and as I progress, I could use a few work out buddies. Let’s set up a group, or a bunch of workout schedules, where we can get together.
  • Watch My Habits – It’s not going to be easy to do this plan, so figuring out where I am at is going to be difficult for some people. As much as I hate being told what to do, what not to do, what a person believes is the right and wrong way to do things, if I don’t have that reminder, I don’t have people watching out for me, I know I’ll mess up. If I’m at Taco Bell or McDonald’s, don’t jump me for ordering something fried or otherwise bad for me, unless I am at the third part of my plan. If I’m ordering or getting some more food within an hour or two after i ate, and I don’t have reason to (I’m up all night, so chances are if I order something at 7:30, I may order at 9 so that I don’t eat again until 6 in the morning), feel free to jump my gun – I know better.
  • Group Outings – Like the group activities, fun stuff to do that keeps me away from eating is a cool thing. It’d be nice to go to a club, bowling alley, baseball game, etc. with some friends. Even if we’re just doing a diner together, that’s still a good thing.
  • Finally, Get Involved! – as I stated before, a number of you expressed wanting/needing to do this as well. The plan I have at the moment should be able to overlap any other successful plan, as it is a general plan and not specific as to the how-to’s. that said, I’m still going to explore my options on diets and see about a doctor to change my life. I’d be more than glad to help you out, just as much as you want to help me out. If it means getting a group of friends to do this, cool – let’s do it.

Expect my next weigh-in when I return to work, and look forward to hearing from you soon!


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