My Skewed View on the world of Fashion

I hate Fashion. I hate the idea behind fashion. I hate the fact that some people are making money off of what they believe the general population should look like, and that if you go against the fashion gods, you’re a sleaze-bag scum who shouldn’t walk the earth without their head stuck up their butt. Yes, I hate Fashion with a passion.

That said, without it, we’d all look and dress the same, without the proper care and appreciation for the other human beings we have to deal with every day.

The thing that bugs me nowadays is what people view as fashionable and good looking: I oftentimes look at people as if they’re the ugly ones. Half of them, out of clothing and with less – if any – makeup on, look beautiful; yet, because it’s the hip and popular thing to look cool, they dress like their counterparts. Half of these people don’t have half a brain to spare with a peanut, and can’t think to save their life, yet they look what they consider to be DAMN good.

So, rather than keep silent one more day while watching people go through their world like the lemmings they are, I figure it’s time people hear what I think. Maybe someone with half a brain will get this to those damn fashion magazines and change people by giving them a good direction.

  1. ATTITUDE is the first thing that needs to change, above all else. What if the law made it mandatory that NO ONE was allowed to wear clothes anymore? Would you be comfortable going out in public butt-ass naked? Most people won’t and that’s something that needs to change.

    Most of the people who don’t have a skewed and screwed up view that everyone is going to judge them because they have this deformity or that they’re ugly, and in some cases, that would be true. Other people think that they’re so God-damn beautiful that the world should bow down before them. You can easily tell the difference: the beautiful ones walk around with a watermelon shoved up their ass and they’re waiting for the right moments to shove it out, while the ugly ones think that it would be best if they had an invisible coat.

    EVERYONE IS A MIX OF BOTH. No one is beautiful on the outside and inside, and no one should be treated like, or feel like, garbage because they don’t measure up. Acceptance of the self is the hardest thing to do, and the people who can get past this usually don’t have a problem. this is one of the first things I look for in someone. If you have a problem with yourself, deal with it. If you think you’re perfect, pull your head out of your rear, because you’re going to find it shoved a little further in when I get through with you.

  2. Unless your job or sport requires it, what you show and how you show it should be kept to a minimum. A classic example of this happened tonight while I was out eating: this girl comes in, has a nice body, great face, nice sweater – until you see the front. Then you notice her boobs, because the end of the V in front goes halfway between the bottom of them and her navel. Yes, she did get me to notice them, but the normal person I was seeing from the back looked like a hooker from the front, and that, to me, is a BIG turnoff.

    If you’re going to expose yourself, do society a favor and run without clothes on, because there’s no sense in wearing anything when you look like you’re going to bust out anyways. If you’re going to expose something of yourself you find sexy, expose it, but be tasteful. There’s no need to show us guys everything!

  3. The biggest mistake I see with women is too much make up. I’ll be sitting down reading, look up for what would normally be a second, and end up staring at someone for half an hour trying to figure out if they’re human, one of those robots you’d see at Chuck E. Cheese, or an animated cartoon come to life. Most women don’t realize just how good they look with very little makeup, drawing lines on their eyes, brushing too much makeup and lipstick on, and making them ultimately unnatural.

    If you look like a clown that’s had one too many when you wake up, that’s a good sign that you’re wearing too much. Cut it off, and show some natural beauty.

  4. Looking uncomfortable is NOT sexy. This is the one I am most guilty of, because I often fluctuate to over 2 sizes too big when I wear pants, making it very uncomfortable to sit. That said, compared to some people I see, I’m a saint. Besides the skin baring I was talking about earlier, and the over-blimping I was just referring to, some people don’t dress for the weather, wearing too much in some cases (especially summer) or too little (during the winter). Most people avoid me when I’m the 2-sizes-too-big guy, so you can guess what I’d do.

    (There is one exception to this rule, in which I normally apply most of the time: If you’re wearing something too small, it’s allowed if you’re clothes shopping because you have nothing to wear, or have no money to spend on clothing at that moment. IN my case, I get an extra pardon, because I have limited choices, due to my girth, on where I can get clothes. That said, you have 2 options at that point: lose the weight, or get to a store as soon as you can.)

  5. Keep it simple – Unless your job or your meeting demands it, there’s no reason to try to look like a supermodel. There’s nothing wrong with dressing formal for an event or meeting, but when you dress like a $500 hooker, at the end of the day you’re still going to look like a hooker.
  6. Finally, activate my senses. the biggest problem with either overdoing or under-doing it is that everyone’s copying everyone. Be individual, and give me something that stands out about you.

There’s no reason for us to have to feel uncomfortable and awkward because society dictates it. I’m normally a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of guy looking for jeans-and-t-shirt kind of girl, and more often than not, I see people who overdo it, either by doing one or many of these things. Everyone has a beauty to them, an individual look that defines them. Accent, don’t hide, it. There’s no need to be ashamed of who you are based on looks, and there’s no need to put one down because of looks.

You know what I think is sexy? A person you can feel comfortable and yourself around. they’ll accept you no matter if you’re wearing formal or nothing at all, and oftentimes want to match you at your level. This is why I am so damned picky, and what people fail to understand the most. Oh well.


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