The Rest Of My Weekend

First, Thank you to everyone I did see over this past weekend. It’s not often I go to the movies with anyone, go to hang out with anyone, or even sit with people for long, so it was really cool to have a weekend different from normal. I did not finish my projects this weekend, but much of that I already documented why.

Before the Show

The night started with a stop at Wal-Mart to get the envelope I will be using to mail the application in, and more Christmas cards to give people. This was a stressful task because, as with most normal days at 6 at night, Wal-Mart is pretty full of – well, let’s try to keep it nice here. what should have only taken me 5 minutes took me half an hour to get done. *sigh* People wonder why a lot of people like me are getting fed up with Wal-Mart.

So, after my fight through crowd hell, I went to Little Sicily’s behind the Road Ranger on Bell School Road, where I had tortellini’s and Breaded Mushrooms, and signed more cards. Because of the few customers in there, I was able to get a lot done in the little time I had, and ended up leaving around a quarter after 8.

I was somewhat disappointed that, unlike usual, very little of the trouble that I normally run into walking along State Street occurred – I wonder if that was the result of having a video camera with. Walking there and eventually back occurred with very little incident other than my huffing, puffing, and talking abnormally more than I’m used to walking this road. I got to the theatre, handed my camera to the manager, and got my tickets to enjoy the show.


Four of my gamer friends sat quite a bit above where I normally sit, and where they sat didn’t offer much for space – I really should have sat below, where there were plenty of available seats, as I would find out by my discomfort and walking later.

For the record, anyone who has read the books by Christopher Paolini may be disappointed in the movie itself – a number of things are altered from the book that becomes more relevant in the second book, and most of the focus was on the action, not the actual character growth, of the book. That said, I liked it – it’s not one I’m going to see again in theaters, but it’s nowhere near many of the book-to-film debacles that I have seen the last few years. Many of the changes, while they affect the possibility of a sequel, do not prevent it, and the cast they got to do it was really good. I think the only real failure, because they focused on the action and kept it under two hours, was not doing a good job of showing Saphira’s character and how well her and Eragon (the main character) grow. They didn’t do a horrible job, by any means, but they could have improved this more.

The biggest disappointment still has to be how the film, like the book, is being handled. Much like the book can be found in the kids/young adult sections of many bookstores, It felt a lot like this film was made more for that audience. Now, I seriously doubt anyone is going to mistake this for Lord of the Rings, but from what I remember, the book itself was a lot more adult than is given credit for.Yet, the book is marketed as a young adult book at best, so they made the movie for that audience. It’s shame, because it could have been a lot better than it was.

(I should note, though, that my expectations were very high for this film, so my disappointment might not be the same as most people. As far as I could tell my friends enjoyed it, so others may find this opinion harsher than it deserved. I did like the film, but had it been done closer to the book, it could have been this years “Chronicles” or “Ring.”)

Before leaving the theater, I found out why it was a bad idea to sit the way I did, with all my stuff in my lap: the circulation to my legs decided to go bye-bye, making walking more difficult than it normally is when I see a film. I walked with a limp for a few minutes because of the loss in my legs. So, the next time I do something like this, don’t be mad if I sit separately from you.


After the movie, I walked up to Denny’s, where I ran into the same friends again. (Of and for the record, Saturday night was nice enough that I didn’t mind walking too much.) While we were there, we got a pleasant surprise: an old friend of ours returned from culinary school. Needless to say, I didn’t quite get done what I was planning on.

Still, it wasn’t a bad night.


After getting home Sunday Morning, I was only up for maybe 4 hours of it: caught the second half – and overtime win – of the Chicago Bears, and around 10 last night, which I have been awake from ever since.

Makeups today!

Because of problems beyond my control, many of the things I was planning to do on friday will be done today. If I missed you on Friday, let me know where I can meet up with you, if possible.

I will be leaving to go out to Loves Park around Three this afternoon – if you want to contact me to meet up with me, give me a call. I will be heading back to Rockford on the last North Second Street bus. Talk to you soon!


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