Some days are wasted….

Yesterday sucked.

Like Hoover-Vacuum-to-Shag-Carpet sucked.

Yes, it was THAT bad.

I should have read the signs. My robe, which has a difficult time staying closed, was trying everything it could to stay open yesterday. All of the rest of my cloths are in laundry baskets. Normally, I do my laundry in the early morning hours when everyone is sleeping, but I didn’t last night, and I have 2 hours to get on the bus.

So I get to the laundry room, and I meet one of the new neighbors. This girl was good looking – no-where-near supermodel hot, but i bet she gets hit on all of the time – was in the laundry room. So, I did my best to cover myself up, apologized if she saw anything, and went to doing the one load (I was going to do 2, but she had the other one) I would get done yesterday.

After she leaves and my load is started, I grab a pair of sweats that I knew at this point weren’t going to get washed and put them on. Then I proceed to my Christmas cards. I bought 3 boxes of 16 cards – 48 total. All were used for work. Some people – I’d say about 7-8 people, minimal – are without cards right now. I finish them, and proceed to the elevator to lighten my load. (I had carried my backpack with to save as much time as I could.)

Somewhere between the time I got downstairs and the time I got back to the elevator, the fire department had come rescued one of our crazier neighbors (I know of a person who has met her, so he knows exactly who I am talking about here) who had got herself stuck in the elevator. Needless to say, the elevator car is now sitting on the first floor with a piece-of-paper sign that reads “Elevator out of service until further notice. Management.”

I had 4 baskets of clothes sitting downstairs. (I figured I’d get two washed and dried, and the other two washed and hung.) I also had a basket for the detergents and stuff. Had I gone back upstairs with everything AFTER I put my load in, I would have saved myself a stair climb. As a result, I was stuck between the third and fourth floors explaining to a person I still view as my boss why I will not be making it out to Loves Park tonight.

I live on the top floor of a 5 story apartment. The laundry room is in the basement. Six flights of excruciating steps.

Each time up my lungs felt like I had sucked a burning log soaked in gasoline. Each time down in my slippers felt like I was walking on roller skates on a slick floor – I am amazed each and every time that I did not fall and kill myself.

And on the last trip, it being after 6 at night, my head was filled with words so perverse, nasty and mean that it would make George Carlin blush – and he’s the master of those words! It served as a reminder of why I need to do this thing.

I thought, Okay, I can still salvage tonight. Go meet my friend at Borders. I managed to make it to the bus stop with a couple of minutes to spare – no mean feet, considering all the typing and cleaning up I was doing. By this point I was already tired, and I was thinking about the e-mail I read earlier. We get up by Forest Plaza on Mulford when SMASH! A car came out of nowhere and hit us. This is 7:30.

She claimed she was sitting there the whole time. One of the three of us passengers saw what the bus driver saw: absolutely nothing where her car should have been. (I was not the one – I was looking up at the time when I felt the bus raise and heard the crunching noise.) We had to fill out an accident form telling exactly what had happened from our perspective, wait for the police, then the new bus. Needless to say, by the time we were done with this bus, the next bus had come and took us to our stops.

It’s at this point that some loud-mouthed idiot (I’d call him worse, but the way he was acting, he’d have called me racist for being white) whining about having to wait two hours and being there earlier than the bus came around. (For those who don’t ride the bus, here’s the scoop: He was saying he was at the bus stop at Mulford Village at 6:38. The bus hits Logli’s before it hits that stop, and it hits it at 15 minutes BEFORE the hour – 6:45. Had he been there like he said he was, he’d have already been downtown.) I put up with his whining and crying, claiming he was on the bus with us (He definitely wasn’t – there was only 3 passengers at the time of the accident, a Mom with child and me) and how he wasn’t going to make it home until 11:30. Boo hoo.

I finally get to Borders around 8:40-50. (I’m giving myself extra minutes because of the time it might have taken me to walk there from the bus stop.) I get in, grab the books I was going to get (Another Ender Book by Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Shadow, the latest in the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series, Tempest, and the latest Vampire Hunter D volume), and grab a couple of drinks and some food to eat. After the juggling act, sitting in a chair hidden behind the magazine racks by the food area, and trying to eat a “reduced fat” banana bread, I finally get a table.

It is while I was sitting there reading my current book (still on Helter Skelter that I think I saw the person I was waiting on leaving. By the time I got my stuff together, she and her kid were already gone, and since I only saw the back of their heads, I never knew whether or not it was them.

I waited until 10:30 at borders, and finally decided to go get my fish. On my way to IHOP, I watched the last chance bus pass me by – something I would almost regret. Get to IHOP, order my usually Friday Night routine (grilled cod hollandaise, steamed broccoli, baked potato, Clam Chowder), and I find out there’s no clam chowder. Had minestrone instead. (This part honestly wasn’t bad, to tell the truth: the waitress I had would be one I’d be too shy to ask out if i was her age – then again, all women are like that to me.)

I talked with the manager, and learned something cool: IHOP has a diet-friendly menu! I looked it over, and the selections aren’t bad: depending the type of battle you’re fighting (Atkins, reduced Fat, all-around health, and reduced calorie where everything is under 600 calories), there’s a minimum of two choices. Some, like the fruit dish, are appetizers; others like cod hollandaise, are main courses. They even have selections for kids – not too shabby.

Before I leave, I notice two of the managers from Showplace 16 sitting in the back , so I go to talk to them about the camera thing. (The camera is something they specifically search for.) I tell them the specifics about the audition, and they are cool with it, so they will be looking for me tomorrow night. (Yay!) I also found out, because both of them had watched the show since the first season, that this year was different from the previous years – a good sign for me. (This conversation convinced me to stay the course.

Go to Denny’s, where I find out my usual ride is not working. That’s fine – I needed to hit the store anyways. Waited for the manager to come around, only to find the person I needed to talk to don’t come in until two. (Ok.)

I finally get home tired and cranky, and realize I still forgot to get more Christmas cards. Yay! At least I am still alive.

P.S. for anyone concerned, I’m not mad – a little worried in a few spots, but otherwise it was a bad day, with a few exceptions.

P.P.S. I am making up for what I lost today on Monday, for those concerned.

P.P.P.S. Expect a heated article soon – that bus incident is just a small part of something I hate about this town and needs a serious change soon.


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