More On The Biggest Loser And Saturday

On Sunday I posted a huge blog posting – one I really should have broke up in 3 separate listings. (I am sorry of any of you missed any of it because of it being super long.) The most important things i should have gone into more detail about, so I hope this clears things up.

Since being laid off in mid-October, I’ve been staying at home more and watching TV. One of the shows I have really gotten into is The Biggest Loser. For those who have never watched it, it’s a Survivor-style reality TV show which – in my humble opinion – is one of those shows that actually justify having that type of show. Each contestant comes onto the weighing at least over a hundred pounds more than they should weigh – they’d fit into the “morbidly obese” category. Since I caught the show in the middle of the third season, I couldn’t tell you fully how it starts each year, though from what I have gleamed from replays this season, one contestant is selected from each state to represent that state. The very first episode narrows the competition from 50 down to 14, and separates those into two groups. The weeks that follow compete Survivor-style, with the losing team sending a member home. I caught onto the show when they split from teams to groups of two – at which point, the two groups who lost the least amount of weight go up for elimination. At this point they bring back two of their at-home (the 36 who did not make it to the ranch the first time) who lost the most weight to compete, and they’re in for the second week. From there, they split into individuals, and the two people who lose the least amount of weight face elimination, one getting sent home.

Two help with the weight loss – and what really attracts me to the show – is their trainers, who, along with their doctors, work with these teams to help them meet their goals. Like survivor, they have a weekly challenge that allows contestants to win prizes such as calls to their loved ones and that. Like Survivor, they have their share of characters who whine and cry when things don’t go their way. Like Survivor, people scheme, back-stab, whatever they can do to survive. Unlike Survivor and the rest of their ilk, the focus is on helping each other get healthy, and as a result, much of the whining is focused on not reaching their goals or getting kicked out; the competition is more athletic-based, with a lot less backstabbing and trickery in comparison to the others; and while these shows make friends of their contestants, this one draws them in with a common goal.

The other really good thing is the results you see: Most people who are losing weight would be happy with losing just one or two pounds. For the contestants, however, losing one or two pounds in a week is begging for elimination – most people are losing four or more pounds a week, and it’s not unheard of to lose 100 pounds while on the show itself. Not only are you seeing these guys lose weight, they’re doing it the honest way, by physical activity and healthy eating> They do a weekly thing, similar to most cooking shows (only shortened) that show the contestants how to cook and eat properly. (Like most cooking shows, they also post hints, tips and recipes on their two websites.) The show has a club that allows people to sign up and participate as well – although they wouldn’t be contestants, they can get tips, communicate with the contestants and trainers, and use their online tools for helping in losing weight. They continue to follow eliminated contestants, to show their progress after elimination.

As you can see, there’s plenty of good reason to want to go on the show. First, unlike training at home, the video can be helpful to remind you of how far you’ve come, as well as to point out mistakes that you made while you were on there – something I’m sure some coaches will tell you is very beneficial. Second, as I mentioned before, the trainers actually give a damn about their teams, even when they play as individuals. They work their teams hard to make sure as many of their team mates make it as possible. Third, with a few exceptions, the contestants are very supportive of each other – most of the reason why people are eliminated is because of their threat in the competition. (Again, I don’t know how it is early on, I just know this from the latter half of the season.)

On Sunday, I announced that I’d be sending in an audition package, per their instructions, to audition for the show. I don’t care about winning the cash prize, whatever it is next year; if I make it that far, then yeah, I’ll go for it, but I need to lose the weight more than I need the money. (What good is it to be debt free if you’re only going to get to enjoy it for a couple of years, or worse, months?) Because of how little I wrote, and how long the blog posting was with other stuff, It’s understandable people would miss it. Some of you were unaware that I’d be sending a message. If you’re unaware of that stuff, you’re unaware of what I am asking for, as well.

The audition package asks that I fill out their 10-page audition form, which goes into a lot of detail on your health and life as a contestant. In addition, it asks that you list 3 Males and 3 females, names and numbers, of people who they can contact to vouch for your character and such. In addition, they ask that you send a current photo and a 5 minute video (on video tape, DVD, or Mini DV) of why they should consider me to be a contestant.

For those who got the messages, that’s what this is about. I could have put names and numbers down, and maybe I would have made it, but I know there’d be a lot of you who’d help if you could, and this is something you can definitely help on.

In addition, with the going out to the theaters on Saturday to see Eragon, I am borrowing my sister’s camera to videotape stories that may be used in the audition tape to illustrate – from my friends perspective – why they should consider me for the audition. Everyone is invited to come with me, and if you don’t want to be on camera, I’ll make sure you’re not. (Or, if you are on tape, it is removed from anything sent.) (Warning: They do post the auditions on the website, and show clips during the show – something to consider if you want to participate.)

There is probably going to be more that you can do in the near future, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. In the meantime, if you want information,


Thanks for your support and help, and if you’re coming on Saturday, let me know in case I need to make reservations. 😀


4 thoughts on “More On The Biggest Loser And Saturday

  1. Update: For those that missed the show or did not get my blog posting in time:The number of prizes was more than I thought there was. The winner of the At-home contestants got $50,000, while the eliminated contestant with the most weight lost won $100,000. The Final 3 (more on that in a minute), took home $25,000, $50,000, and the top prize of $250,000.I calculated how they got their percentages, and the formula is : Current weight / Starting weight = percentage lost. So, for example, if I enter the challenge at 400 lbs (which, right now, is going to become the first goal), and at the end of the season, I’m down to 190 (my target weight), the formula would be:190 (target weight) / 400 (target starting weight) = .475, or 47.5%.Poppy from New Jersey, a contestant who was one of the 3 female contestants brought back to weigh in but ultimately did not make it back onto the ranch, won the At-Home prize and lost over 100 pounds. Brian from California, who was one of the people I did see eliminated from the show, won the eliminated prize.They did a weigh-in at the beginning of the show with all 50 contestants on the scale at the same time. The combined weight then was over 14,300 pounds. the goal was then set to lose 2 tons, or 4,000 pounds, by the end of the season. Their weigh-in tonight was just over 10,000 pounds, meaning they exceeded their goal by a couple hundred.Wylie from Florida won third prize even though he lost more weight than the second prize winner.Kai from Alaska won second prize, and was the female who has lost the most weight on the show.The contestant who was not shown in the commercial was Heather from Utah, who had to withdraw from the contest because she was 5 months pregnant. (More on this in a minute, as it plays into asignificant question on my end.)The guy I was rooting for to win did win: Eric from New York City, is the Biggest Loser. He went from 407 pounds to 195, a difference of 212.Because there is no real way to find out when they started taping, there is no real way for me to estimate whether or not I’ll be able to participate time-wise – Lifetouch, where I am employed when I work, usually runs their season in my department until the end of May. the show episodes come from 12 weeks of workouts, training, competition, etc. Heather and Marty from Missouri are the two big keys two determining when they started taping – and thus a good predicter of when hey would start in 2007. Heather’s pregnancy plays big key here – given what info I have (a wife, law student and mother already), I seriously doubt that, even if couples got together on the ranch, she slept with anyone. I also seriously doubt she would have been allowed to participate if they had known. Marty plays into this as being a teacher in a high school. I seriously doubt he’d be able to return to work if school wasn’t in session – which, as recall, there were students waiting for him when he returned. suggests that if schoool wasn’t in session, it was close to it. There’s also the factor of the special the two trainers did with the 2 schools a week or two ago, where they went to work with a group of students to help them turn around their bad habits. Considering that one of them was a homecoming queen (yes, I thought it was odd myself), the earliest that could occur was October.given the number of time frimes, and the amount of time it would take for Eric to lose an additional 95 lbs, the most likely guess I’d have for the starting point would be sometime at the end of June – Marty was eliminated about 3-4 weeks ago, and the 2-hour 2-week episode was before that, so I seriously doubt they ended in October. Best guess that they start at the beginning of June. Given the pregnancy by Heather, and the fact that she was one of the final four, that could push it back to April or May – a big conflict.I seriously doubt, if I make it, an early start would deter me from participating – even if I didn’t win any money, the weight loss alone would make up for it. I do know it makes things pretty interesting, as it opens up the gammit for how much I could lose before then – I plan on starting the diet after I finish the videotape. (I’d start sooner, but it wouldn’t do good to show me eating healthy on video – since they want me to show why I should be considered, me eating a garden salad while drinking a protien-supplement-based water would not do me any good.) So, anyone who wants to jump my shit for not sticking to healthy stuff or working out more should honestly wait until Sunday afternoon. More Laters.

  2. Hello there, I was just wondering if you made it to the second interview round. The one where they tell you that they loved your first video and now you need to make a second longer one? I made it to round two and I am going crazy waiting for a reply. To answer your question about when they start taping, it is the begining to to around the middle of May! Coming very soon!! I think that I have to make it to about 2 more cuts then they fly you out to California with a couple hundred other people and you have to interview with them!! Wish me Luck!!! And good Luck to you as well!

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